Windows 8 consumer preview

As of today Microsoft has released the consumer preview of Windows 8.

There are several downloads for Windows 8 available at this time. Here’s an overview of the different kinds.

Windows 8 “Workstation” (All kinds of languages available)

Windows 8 “Server”

Windows 8 Consumer Preview Product Guide for Business

Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Windows 8 Server Virtual Hard Disk (pre-installed)

Windows 8 Server Install, Deploy and Migrate documentation

Have fun downloading and remember if you have the Developer preview installed you cannot upgrade. You have to do a clean install.

Also this version doesn’t require a license key but will expire as of March 2013.

Install AD on Windows 8 server

Hi guys,

Unfortunately Microsoft has decided that they scratched the “DCPROMO” command from Windows Server 8 tin install and configure Active Directory.

You now need to install and configure AD through the “Server Manager”. I’ve made an installation guide how to install and configure Active Directory on a Windows 8 Server.

1. DCPROMO “error” message. When you type in “DCPROMO” and try and run it you get this message:

Continue reading “Install AD on Windows 8 server”

Windows 8 server (Windows preview developer)

Hi guys,

I’ve downloaded and installed Windows 8 Server (Windows preview developer) from the MSDN site and it installed quite quickly (about 25 min). The look and feel is very different with the tiles als start menu. But “behind the scenes” is the well known explorer. The server manager has a new interface and lay-out and looks very nice. It’s a improvement on the server manager we know from Windows 2008R2 but it is intuitive. Here’s a screenshot of the new lay-out. Continue reading “Windows 8 server (Windows preview developer)”