Enumeration Worker Groups in AppCenter Console is slow

Today an article I wrote a while ago came online at the Citrix knowledgebase.

When trying to add a Worker Group to a policy, it may take a long time to display the list of available Worker Groups.


When editing a user policy and trying to add a worker group as a filter the AppCenter console, it may take a long time (>1 min) to enumerate the list of available worker groups in the farm. The server running the AppCenter console is running Windows Server 2008 R2 with XenApp 6.5 and hotfix rollup pack 01 installed.

To add a Worker Group filter to an existing policy through the AppCenter console it can take a while for the list of available Worker Groups to appear. Complete the following steps to reproduce this issue:

  • Launch AppCenter.
  • Go to your farm and select Policies.
  • Select the Filters tab.
  • Select All Filters and search for Worker Groups.
  • Select Add to add a Worker Group to this filter.
  • Click Add.
  • Choose browse in the New Filter Element screen.

It takes up to 6 minutes to enumerate the list of Worker Groups.


Apply the correct Group Policy Management Console hotfix on the computer(s) running the AppCenter console.

CTX135403 – LIMITED RELEASE – Hotfix GPMx170WX64002 – For Group Policy Management Console for Windows x64 – English

CTX135402 – LIMITED RELEASE – Hotfix GPMx170WX86002- For Group Policy Management Console for Windows x86 – English

After applying the hotfix and restarting your machine, Worker Group enumeration takes lesser time than before.

Read it here at the knowledgebase.

Configured policies do not apply to XenApp 6.0 Worker Groups

Ever faced with the fact that your configured policies don’t apply to your Worker Groups configured in XenApp6.0?

This issue occurs if the computer policies from the Delivery Service Console are configured correctly but are not applied correctly on the Worker Groups.

The policies are reviewed from the console and it is configured correctly. Continue reading “Configured policies do not apply to XenApp 6.0 Worker Groups”

Advanced Farm Administration with XenApp Worker Groups

Citrix has released a great document on the advanced farm administration with XenApp worker groups.

Here’s a preview of the document.

The release of XenApp 6 adds powerful new features for XenApp administrators through integration with Active Directory (AD). All user and server settings can now be managed through AD policies, while applications and load balancing can be managed through a new container known as a worker group.

Worker groups allow similar XenApp servers to be grouped together to greatly simplify the management of XenApp farms. By publishing applications and managing server settings via AD and worker groups, administrators can reduce the time to deploy new XenApp servers and increase the agility of their environment.

In this white paper, we consider a fictitious company with a large, geographically-distributed XenApp farm. This company must deliver applications to two distinct groups of users with different needs. This white paper outlines the new worker group features in XenApp 6 and shows how any company can leverage worker groups to simplify their farm management. Throughout the paper, we detail the best practices for creating and managing worker groups and how these can be applied in an enterprise XenApp deployment.

You can download the document here.