XenApp 6.5 Hotfix Rollup Pack 02

Citrix has released HRP02 for XenApp 6.5 for Windows Server 2008R2 end of June. This Rollup Pack packs a lot of fixes which have been released after the release of Rollup Pack 01.


You can download the HRP02 here.

Replaced Hotfixes

This hotfix rollup pack replaces the following hotfixes:

<rmc_replaces_list>XA650W2K8R2X64R01, XA650W2K8R2X64032, XA650W2K8R2X64033, XA650W2K8R2X64034, XA650W2K8R2X64036, XA650R01W2K8R2X64001, XA650R01W2K8R2X64002, XA650R01W2K8R2X64003, XA650R01W2K8R2X64004, XA650R01W2K8R2X64005, XA650R01W2K8R2X64006, XA650R01W2K8R2X64007, XA650R01W2K8R2X64009, XA650R01W2K8R2X64010, XA650R01W2K8R2X64011, XA650R01W2K8R2X64012, XA650R01W2K8R2X64013, XA650R01W2K8R2X64014, XA650R01W2K8R2X64015, XA650R01W2K8R2X64016, XA650R01W2K8R2X64017, XA650R01W2K8R2X64018, XA650R01W2K8R2X64019, XA650R01W2K8R2X64020, XA650R01W2K8R2X64021, XA650R01W2K8R2X64022, XA650R01W2K8R2X64023, XA650R01W2K8R2X64024, XA650R01W2K8R2X64025, XA650R01W2K8R2X64026, XA650R01W2K8R2X64027, XA650R01W2K8R2X64028, XA650R01W2K8R2X64029, XA650R01W2K8R2X64030, XA650R01W2K8R2X64031, XA650R01W2K8R2X64033, XA650R01W2K8R2X64034, XA650R01W2K8R2X64036, XA650R01W2K8R2X64037, XA650R01W2K8R2X64038, XA650R01W2K8R2X64039, XA650R01W2K8R2X64040, XA650R01W2K8R2X64042, XA650R01W2K8R2X64043, XA650R01W2K8R2X64044, XA650R01W2K8R2X64045, XA650R01W2K8R2X64046, XA650R01W2K8R2X64047, XA650R01W2K8R2X64048, XA650R01W2K8R2X64049, XA650R01W2K8R2X64050, XA650R01W2K8R2X64051, XA650R01W2K8R2X64052, XA650R01W2K8R2X64053, XA650R01W2K8R2X64055, XA650R01W2K8R2X64056, XA650R01W2K8R2X64057, XA650R01W2K8R2X64058, XA650R01W2K8R2X64059, XA650R01W2K8R2X64060, XA650R01W2K8R2X64061, XA650R01W2K8R2X64062, XA650R01W2K8R2X64063, XA650R01W2K8R2X64064, XA650R01W2K8R2X64065, XA650R01W2K8R2X64066, XA650R01W2K8R2X64067, XA650R01W2K8R2X64068, XA650R01W2K8R2X64069, XA650R01W2K8R2X64070, XA650R01W2K8R2X64071, XA650R01W2K8R2X64073, XA650R01W2K8R2X64074, XA650R01W2K8R2X64075, XA650R01W2K8R2X64078, XA650R01W2K8R2X64079, XA650R01W2K8R2X64080, XA650R01W2K8R2X64081, XA650R01W2K8R2X64082, XA650R01W2K8R2X64083, XA650R01W2K8R2X64084, XA650R01W2K8R2X64086, XA650R01W2K8R2X64087, XA650R01W2K8R2X64088, XA650R01W2K8R2X64089, XA650R01W2K8R2X64091, XA650R01W2K8R2X64094

Invalidated Hotfixes Continue reading “XenApp 6.5 Hotfix Rollup Pack 02”

DSCheck Maintenance Assistant

Citrix has released a new tool (for GUI lovers amongst us techies) for DSCheck options and queries to make our live easier. Be aware that the tool (even with GUI) can break your environment so USE CAUTION!!!

DSCheck Maintenance Assistant is designed to facilitate the process of running dscheck commands on a XenApp server. The tool provides a graphical user interface for dscheck.exe that the XenApp administrators can use to clean and validate their datastore.


  • Install .NET Framework 2.0 or later
  • log on as a user with Local Administrative privileges

Installing DSCheck Maintenance Assistant

DSCheck Maintenance Assistant is a standalone application. You need not install the application; also you can run the application from any folder local on the XenApp server.


You can download the tool here and read more about the options and how to use them wisely.

Citrix Hotfix Rollup Pack 2 BETA for XenApp 6.5

Citrix  has released the Beta release of Hotfix Rollup Pack 2 for Citrix XenApp 6.5 for Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2. During your evaluation of this product, we invite you to provide feedback, ask questions, and report problems by sending an email to hrpbetaissues@citrix.com. Include any supporting files, such as MSI logs, memory dumps, or screen captures, that may assist us in troubleshooting any issues you may encounter. When testing, we encourage you to mimic your production environment as closely as possible.

Important: While this prerelease version has reached an acceptable level of quality and stability, it is still undergoing testing. Do not apply this prerelease to any live production servers or any servers connected to the production database. The contents of this prerelease are preliminary – Citrix reserves the right to omit fixes contained herein and to include additional fixes in the official, final release.

Uninstalling and upgrading from this prerelease is not supported. Citrix recommends that you rebuild your server before installing the final release and/or before upgrading to the next version of XenApp. This prerelease will not be supported once the official version is released. Continue reading “Citrix Hotfix Rollup Pack 2 BETA for XenApp 6.5”

XenApp 6.5 servers reboot when not part of a reboot policy

XenApp 6.5 servers are rebooting and they are not attached to a reboot policy. Servers may reboot when a reboot policy is created, but there are no servers assigned to the policy. The following entry in the eventlogs are written.

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XenApp Connector for System Center 2012 Configuration Manager

The XenApp Connector for System Center 2012 Configuration Manager enables administrators to orchestrate the tasks required to deliver applications both to end-users and XenApp Servers seamlessly with Microsoft System Center 2012 (and SP1).

With the XenApp Connector, administrators can:

  • Extend the Configuration Manager 2012 user-centric and rules-based application delivery capabilities to deliver applications to users in the most appropriate manner for the device they are using: MSI, App-V, CAB, or XenApp
  • Enable user self-service of XenApp hosted applications from both Receiver and the System Center Application Catalog
  • Orchestrate the process of deploying applications to XenApp servers, farms, and worker groups from within the Configuration Manager console, both directly, for traditionally managed farms, as well as for streamed farms when used in conjunction with Provisioning Services Continue reading “XenApp Connector for System Center 2012 Configuration Manager”

Unable to logoff XA 6.5: ICA session displaying “Waiting for System Event Notification Service”

Users cannot log off from a XenApp 6.5 ICA session and the “Waiting for System Event Notification Service” pop-up is displayed.


  • Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Citrix XenApp 6.5
  • Office Communicator 2007 R2


The screen remains unresponsive with the “Waiting for System Event Notification Service” pop-up. On the server user has a Communicator (OCS) running and one of the instances is pegging an entire core resulting in users unable to log off sessions.


As a workaround you can do the following: To log off successfully from the unresponsive sessions, terminate the pegged OCS process.  For a permanent solution you need to apply this fix from Microsoft Cumulative update package for Office Communicator 2007 R2: December 2012.

Original post at the Citrix knowledgebase.

New hotfixes for XenApp Commands for Citrix XenApp 6.0 and 6.5

Citrix has released hotfix DSCXACmd650WX64001 for XenApp 6.5 and DSCXACmd600W2K8R2X64004 gfor XenApp 6.0.

Here you can find the fixes which come with these releases:

DSCXACmd600W2K8R2X64004 for XenApp 6.0

HDX Monitor 3.0 tool released

HDX Monitor 3.0 is a helpful monitoring and diagnostic tool for HDX components.


HDX Monitor 3.0 tool provides detailed information about the various HDX technologies, their performance, and diagnostics information. The following are the HDX technologies covered by this tool:

  • Thinwire (Graphics)
  • Direct 3D (Graphics)
  • Media Stream (aka RAVE)
  • Flash
  • Audio
  • USB Devices
  • Mapped Client Drives (CDM)
  • Branch Repeater
  • Printer
  • Client
  • Smart Card
  • Scanner
  • System


  • XenApp 6.5 or greater or XenDesktop 5.5 or greater.
  • This tool may be installed on any machine on the same domain as the target system including the XenDesktop VDA or XenApp Server.


Download the tool here.

Vulnerability in Citrix XenApp could result in arbitrary code execution

A vulnerability has been identified in the XML Service interface of XenApp that could potentially be used by a remote, unauthenticated attacker to execute arbitrary code in the context of a service account on a XenApp server. The vulnerability could potentially be exploited by sending a specially crafted packet to the vulnerable component.

This vulnerability affects Citrix XenApp versions 6.5 both with, and without, Feature Pack 1.

This vulnerability has been assigned the following CVE:

• CVE-2012-5161

Mitigating Factors

In order to exploit this issue, the attacker would need to be able to access the XML Service interface. In a normal deployment, the XML Service would not be directly exposed to the Internet.

What Customers Should Do

Hotfixes have been released to address this issue. Citrix strongly recommends that all customers install these hotfixes, which can be downloaded from the following locations:

Citrix XenApp 6.5 for Windows Server 2008 R2 with Feature Pack 1: CTX135025 – Hotfix XA650R01W2K8R2X64033 – For Citrix XenApp 6.5 for Windows Server 2008 R2 – English

Customers that are not able to upgrade to XenApp 6.5 with Feature Pack 1 may use the hotfix for the release version of XenApp 6.5 which is available at the following location: Citrix XenApp 6.5 for Windows Server 2008 R2: CTX135499 – Hotfix XA650W2K8R2X64036 – For Citrix XenApp 6.5 for Windows Server 2008 R2 – English

Read more about this vulnerability here.

Hotfix XA650W2K8R2X64036 for Citrix XenApp 6.5 released

Citrix has released a new hotfix today for XenApp 6.5.

New Fixes in This Release

  1. When changing the XML server’s logon control to prohibit logons, the Citrix XML Service might become unresponsive. As a result, connected users might not be able to enumerate applications and for authenticated users, the sessions might fail to launch.[From XA650W2K8R2X64036][#LA1787]
  2. This fix addresses a security vulnerability. For more information, see Knowledge Center article CTX135066.[From XA650W2K8R2X64036][#LA2089]
  3. This fix addresses a security vulnerability. For more information, see Knowledge Center article CTX135066.[From XA650W2K8R2X64036][#LA2325] Continue reading “Hotfix XA650W2K8R2X64036 for Citrix XenApp 6.5 released”