Hotfix for Citrix XenApp 5.0 for Windows Server 2008

Citrix has released hotfix XAE500R01W2K8066 for Windows 2008 32 and 64 bit operating systems.

New Fixes in This Release

When clicking the clock in the notification area of a XenApp 5 session on Windows Server 2008, the following error message appears:

"Unknown Time Zone…"

To enable this fix in its entirety, you must install both a client a server hotfix that contains fix #LA1044.

The fix works with time zone (UTC+09:00) Seoul and (UTC+09:00) Osaka, Sapporo, Tokyo.

[From XAE500R01W2K8066][#LA1044]

XenApp servers behind read-only domain controllers (RODCs) might experience slow application launch issues while winlogon.exe spikes CPU usage.

[From XAE500R01W2K8066][#LA1617]

You can download the 32 bit patch here.

You can download the 64 bit patch here.

Slow Logons in XenApp Sites with Read-Only Domain Controllers


Users experience slow logons on sites with Read-Only Domain Controllers (RODC). Administrators may also notice a spike in processor usage by winlogon.exe for up to 30 seconds.


The existence of Read-Only Domain Controllers is causing Active Directory Service Interface (ADSI) calls to take a long time, which in turn is causing a slow logon and winlogon to spike.


Switch away from Read-Only Domain Controllers on the site where you are experiencing the issue.


Citrix have diagnosed the root-cause behind this issue, and a Private fix is available for XenApp 5, XenApp 6, and XenApp 6.5. As this fix is still a private fix, you must contact Citrix Support to obtain a copy of this.

Please quote CPR Ref: LA1617 when contacting support to assist with locating the correct fix.

Read the original article at the Knowledgebase here.

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