Troubleshooting 1030 error on Windows 7 image


Desktops fail to start with a 1030 error.


In this scenario, when the user clicks on their desktop group, the desktop viewer starts, but then disconnects giving an error 1030:

“The connection to ‘mydesktop’ failed with status 1030”

This issue was not fixed by reinstalling the Virtual Desktop Agent (VDA) software and was not seen with a fresh vanilla OS Image, however the customer required that their organization use the image approved by their security department.


  • Citrix Product: XenDesktop
  • Hosting Infrastructure: VMware 5
  • Citrix Servers: XenDesktop 5.5,VDA 5.5

Personal vDisk failed to start. Status code: 3

Citrix Personal vDisk failed to start. To disconnet, selelct Log off. To troubleshoot the problem, select Continue.
Status code: 3 Error code: 0x2

Following error might show in PvDSvclog

RegQueryValueEx failed size retrieval for Userinit, Error:2

inlogon userinit command:C:Windowssystem32userinit.exe,”C:Program FilesVMwareVMware ViewAgentbinwssm.exe”


Base image has VMware view agent service “WSM” installed.


  • Remove Virtual Desktop Agent (VDA) software from the Base Image
  • Remove “WSM” View agent service
  • Re-Install VDA software

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Monitor blanking does not consistently occur in XenDesktop 5.5 and 5.6


Monitor Blanking does not consistently occur on XenDesktop 5.5 and 5.6 when connecting to a physical computer using HDX 3D Pro. This would result in the user sitting at the console of the VDA being able to see what is being done inside the ICA session.


This is a limitation in XenDesktop 5.5 and 5.6 and is a known issue.


Upgrade to XenDesktop 5.6 Feature Pack 1 and use the Remote PC feature, which has been tested with consistent monitor blanking.

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TechEdge 2012

Here’s an overview of a few TechEdge videos (and links to the powerpoint presentations). Each video takes between 38 and 45 minutes each so sit back and enjoy.

Successfully Deploying and Upgrading PVS

PPT Continue reading “TechEdge 2012”

Recently released Citrix hotfixes

Here’s an overview of recently released hotfixes from Citrix.


LIMITED RELEASE – Hotfix Rollup Client (Version 13.1.100) for Citrix Receiver for Windows 3.1 – English

LIMITED RELEASE – Hotfix Rollup Client (Version 13.0.100) for Citrix Receiver for Windows 3.0 – English

XenApp 5 on 2003 Continue reading “Recently released Citrix hotfixes”

XenDesktop 5.5 Hotfix Rollup Pack 1

New Fixes and Enhancements in This Rollup

This rollup introduces the following fixes that have not been previously released:

HDX 3D Pro Printing
HDX MediaStream Site Administration
HDX Plug and Play Session/Connection
Installing, Uninstalling, Upgrading Smart Cards
Logon/Authentication System Exceptions

HDX 3D Pro

  1. With HDX 3D Pro enabled, the Virtual Desktop Agent screen can become unresponsive at logon.[From XD550VDAWX86100][#LA0456] Continue reading “XenDesktop 5.5 Hotfix Rollup Pack 1”

XenDesktop 5.5 HDX Optimizations & Best Practices

Citrix has released a whitepaper January 5th about XenDesktop 5.5 HDX Optimizations & Best Practices.

Below is a list of the HDX features that were tested extensively as part of this whitepaper:

  • Windows Media Redirection: The playback of video was over both the LAN and WAN has improved in XenDesktop 5.5 due to its ability to dynamically adapt to the available bandwidth and intelligent drop frames while maintaining a synchronized playback with prioritized audio.
  • Flash Redirection: A new version of Flash Redirection is included which improves performance over the WAN along with including support for Linux devices (initially Ubuntu and Fedora). Continue reading “XenDesktop 5.5 HDX Optimizations & Best Practices”

XenDesktop 5.5 vs View 5 on Apple’s IPAD

Hi guys,

Watch this YouTube video of the performance and end user experience between Citrix’s XenDesktop 5.5, HDX and Receiver for iOS 5.5 versus VMware’s View 5.0, PCoIP and View

See the results for yourself… Continue reading “XenDesktop 5.5 vs View 5 on Apple’s IPAD”