NIC driver disk for XenServer 6.0 hotfix XS60E016

In this post is described what the fixes are for the latest XenServer 6.0 hotfix (XS60E016).

Here’s a list of updated¬†NIC drivers you need to install after applying this hotfix. Select the correct NIC¬†card you have installed on your server.

Updated Driver Disks

CTX133951 – Driver Disk for Broadcom bnx2x v1.70.35 – For XenServer 6.0 with Hotfix XS60E016

CTX133952 – Driver Disk for HP CCISS driver v4.6.28-12 – For XenServer 6.0 with Hotfix XS60E016

CTX133953 – Driver Disk for Emulex Be2net 4.0.359.0 and Lpfc – For XenServer 6.0 with Hotfix XS60E016

CTX133954 – Driver Disk for Cisco Ethernet enic – For XenServer 6.0 with Hotfix XS60E016

CTX133955 – Driver Disk for HP Smart Array RAID Controller hpsa v3.0.0-2 – For XenServer 6.0 with Hotfix XS60E016

CTX133956 – Driver Disk for Intel Gigabit Ethernet Controller igb v3.2.10 – For XenServer 6.0 with Hotfix XS60E016

CTX133957 – Driver Disk for Intel 10 Gigabit Ethernet Controller ixgbe v3.6.7 – For XenServer 6.0 with Hotfix XS60E016

CTX133958 – Driver Disk for Qlogic Ethernet Adapters v5.0.24 – For XenServer 6.0 with Hotfix XS60E016

CTX133959 – Driver Disk for Broadcom NIC tg3 v3.120h – For XenServer 6.0 with Hotfix XS60E016

For more information about these drivers see the Citrix knowledgebase here.

New hotfix for Citrix XenServer 6.0

This is a hotfix for customers running Citrix XenServer 6.0.

IMPORTANT: Any issued driver disk and the Driver Development Kit (DDK) for XenServer 6.0 must be updated to be compatible with this hotfix. See CTX133960 – Driver Disks for XenServer Hotfix XS60E016 for a list of the affected driver disks that must be updated.

Issues Resolved In This Hotfix

This hotfix resolves the following issues:

  1. Enabling Generic Receive Offload (GRO) on Physical Network Interfaces (PIF) can flood the log file with the following messages: WARNING: at net/core/dev.c:1594 skb_gso_segment+0x1a1/0x250(). This is due to a bug that incorrectly clears the feature flags in the netback driver.
  2. Timer overflow may occur after 208.5 days resulting in Timer inaccuracies in dom0.
  3. Interaction between a block device, balloon driver and Xen can result in a kernel oops with the following message: BUG: unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at 00000010 / IP: [] mempool_alloc+0x2e/0x110.
  4. VLANs may not work correctly on certain NICs, as the macro definitions are not applied to the dom0 kernel network stack. This is due to an issue in the dom0 kernel build.
  5. Virtual Machine (VM) storage performance is slower than expected, even when the storage is not shared.
  6. If one or more VMs on the same host, attempt to access storage provided by a virtual NFS storage appliance, running inside another VM on the same host, all the VMs involved will deadlock indefinitely. Continue reading “New hotfix for Citrix XenServer 6.0”