NLA support for Remote Desktop on Windows XP SP3

CredSSP is a new Security Support Provider (SSP) that is available in Windows XP SP3 by using the Security Support Provider Interface (SSPI). CredSSP enables a program to use client-side SSP to delegate user credentials from the client computer to the target server. (The target server is accessed by using server-side SSP). Windows XP SP3 involves only the client-side SSP implementation. The client-side SSP implementation is currently being used by Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) 6.1 Terminal Services (TS). Continue reading “NLA support for Remote Desktop on Windows XP SP3”

Microsoft exams, how are they…..

Hi guys,

Check out this learning snack from Microsoft. It shows us how an actual MS exam looks and feels like. If you don’t know how it looks like and it’s your first exam you may be intimidated by it. Check it out and you’ll be fine.

Introduction to the new Sysinternals tool: RAMMap

This tool is called RamMap and it is available from SysInternals at It allows us to examine detailed memory usage information in a way that is easy accessible. Continue reading “Introduction to the new Sysinternals tool: RAMMap”

Update on the DLL-preloading remote attack vector

Last week, we released Security Advisory 2269637 notifying customers of a publicly disclosed remote attack vector to a class of vulnerabilities affecting applications that load dynamic-link libraries (DLL’s) in an insecure manner. At that time, we also released a tool to help protect systems by disallowing unsafe DLL-loading behavior. Continue reading “Update on the DLL-preloading remote attack vector”