Adding and removing Hard Disk in Hyper-V

Ever wondered if it is possible to add or remove a hard disk in Hyper-V R2? Well, don’t look any futher here’s the answer:

YES it can..

Check out the way how to below:

The primary hard disk which is use for bootable disk is still IDE disk. In order to support hot swap hdd, you must add Virtual SCSI controller. In R2 Microsoft has enhanced to support up 64 HDD in Virtual SCSI controller compare to previous support is 32.

On R2 , you  can now add/remove hard disk when the VM is still running.

To support this, attached Virtual SCSI controller first when the VM is offline.

1. Right click the VM and select Settings.

2. On the Add Hardware, select SCSI controller and click Add

3. Power on the VM. While the VM is running, click on the Virtual SCSI controller and Add new Hard Disk .

4. On the new hard drive, Click New to create new disk or Click Browse to add existing hard disk

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