VMM Ports and Protocols

When you install the System Center Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) server, you can assign some of the ports that it will use for communications and file transfers between the VMM components. While it is a best security practice to change the default ports, not all of the ports can be changed through VMM. The default settings for the ports are listed in the following table. 

Connection type Protocol Default port Where to change the port setting
VMM server to VMM agent on Windows Server–based host (control) WS-Management 80 During VMM setup, registry
VMM server to VMM agent on Windows Server–based host (file transfers) HTTPS (using BITS) 443 (Maximum value: 32768) Registry
VMM server to remote Microsoft SQL Server database TDS 1433 Registry
VMM server to P2V source agent DCOM 135 Registry
VMM Administrator Console to VMM server WCF 8100 During VMM setup, registry
VMM Self-Service Portal Web server to VMM server WCF 8100 During VMM setup
VMM Self-Service Portal to VMM self-service Web server HTTPS 443 During VMM setup
VMM library server to hosts BITS 443 (Maximum value: 32768) During VMM setup, registry
VMM host-to-host file transfer BITS 443 (Maximum value: 32768) Registry
VMRC connection to Virtual Server host VMRC 5900 VMM Administrator Console, registry
VMConnect (RDP) to Hyper-V hosts RDP 2179 VMM Administrator Console, registry
Remote Desktop to virtual machines RDP 3389 Registry
VMware Web Services communication HTTPS 443 VMM Administrator Console, registry
SFTP file transfer from VMWare ESX Server 3.0 and VMware ESX Server 3.5 hosts SFTP 22 Registry
SFTP file transfer from VMM server to VMWare ESX Server 3i hosts HTTPS 443 Registry

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