FEP Capacity planner

Attached to this blog post is the FEP Datawarehouse Space Capacity Planning worksheet. You can use this worksheet to help estimate the amount of disk space needed based on the following values:

  • Number of client computers in your FEP 2010 deployment
  • The number of days to retain data (the retention period)
  • The average number of Configuration Manager collections to which each client computer belongs
  • The average number of detections per client computer, per day

After you enter in your values in the yellow area, the calculated results appear in the next set of rows. Each row contains information about average record sizes, number of records per computer per day, total size of the record type in the database, and the percent of the total space used by the record item.

The final row in the spreadsheet, in green, gives you the total estimated size of the FEP Datawarehouse, given the values you supplied.

With thanks to kimborly

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