App-V For Servers beta: A Closer Look

Microsoft have released their beta version of App-V for Servers.  It is currently available as part of their SCVMM (System Center Virtual Machine Manager) 2010 beta release.  It is also due to be released with the latest version of Windows Azure.  Although this technology is to be initially bundled with these two products the technology will not be limited to these two products and can work just as well on its own. Continue reading “App-V For Servers beta: A Closer Look”

SCVMM 2012 Beta Overview

VMM 2012 features deep investments in server application virtualization, service design and service modeling all of which can be used to efficiently offer an on-premises private cloud. This is not the SCVMM of yesterday. It is packed full of new and exciting features! Continue reading “SCVMM 2012 Beta Overview”

Microsoft make changes to Core CAL Licensing

Microsoft Management Summit (MMS) 2011 is bringing announcement of a number of things such as new versions of System Center products, deeper integration between Microsoft products and, also Licensing.

Most Microsoft server products require a CAL (Client Access Licence) for each User/Device accessing the server software. To help reduce cost and licensing complexity, Microsoft offer 2 bundles that contain a number of these CALs: dsd Continue reading “Microsoft make changes to Core CAL Licensing”

SP1 improvements 2008 R2 and SCVMM

clip_image001As you all know that SP1 for Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7 gone RTM adding two new virtualization capabilities: Dynamic Memory and RemoteFX
Let’s first understand these capabilities in details.

Dynamic Memory:

IE9 release

Hi guys,

It’s has been a week now that IE9 was released to the web and available for download. But Microsoft revealed that the new Internet Explorer will be pushed to the windows clients (and servers) through Windows Update (or WSUS for business enviroments). So next tuesday be aware to look at a new Internet Explorer (if selected of course).

IT Professionals can download the (non expiring) the IE 9 Blocker Toolkit.

Have fun and till next time.

SCOM in the cloud??

Anyone working in the ICT or having any related job for that matter, can’t deny it: things are changing. Much is to be found and told about the cloud and what it can do.

The cloud comes in many shapes and formats, like IaaS, Paas & SaaS. Also the formats can be different, like public, private, hybrid and community based. Even though this blog isn’t about the cloud, there is no doubt that it will affect SCOM as well. The question isn’t when nor why but more like how?

The first steps in moving SCOM into the cloud have been made. What started under codename ‘Atlanta’ has been rebranded into Microsoft System Center Advisor (SCA).

What it does? For now it does NOT deliver real time monitoring like SCOM. Taken directly from the website: Continue reading “SCOM in the cloud??”

Microsoft System Center: The New Look of SCCM

Enterprise systems management is changing, so the tools you use must change as well. System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), the stalwart management solution from Microsoft, is following that trend.

One of the biggest changes—at least within SCCM—is the shift toward User Centric Management (UCM). This Continue reading “Microsoft System Center: The New Look of SCCM”