MCITP overview

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Here’s an overview of all the MCITP tracks available at this time. Continue reading “MCITP overview”

SCVMM 2012 – Creating a HA VM Cluster

During the evolution of the VMM server product from VMM 2007 to VMM 2008 R2 we saw many customers tying their workflows to VMM and even more using VMM to carve out and give compute resources to their internal departments. One consistent evolution fact of the product is that we see more and more VMM servers used as mission critical servers in customer environments. This fact makes VMM service’s highly availability feature very important for many customers, with this new feature VMM is able to sustain a failure on the VMM Service Level. Continue reading “SCVMM 2012 – Creating a HA VM Cluster”

Microsoft ISCSI software target 3.3

A couple of years ago Microsoft acquired a company called “String Bean Software” which was IMHO a simple but great iSCSI Target solution, and it it was incorporated into the StorageServer product.

Today Microsoft launched the iSCSI Software target 3.3 for public download. This is absolutely great, now we have the possibility to create (Hyper-V) clusters on shared storage!

It can be downloaded from the Microsoft download site:

Disable welcome screen IE8/IE9

I don’t know about you, but I am so annoyed with this screen, mostly because it always pops out when I least expect it, for example, when I’m in the middle of a demo or a class, and even when I think it won’t appear, because that nasty designer has probably deliberately configured it in such a way that there’s a slight delay between the opening of the IE window, and the pop up welcome screen. Even more nagging, running through the welcome screen will then pop up a new IE tab, taking you to a web page that you do not want to be at, causing you to again waste even more time. Needless to say, in the days Continue reading “Disable welcome screen IE8/IE9”

Microsoft Security Update Guide V2

The Microsoft Security Update Guide is a valuable source of in-depth information and tools that can help you protect your IT infrastructure while creating a safer, more secure computing and Internet environment. We developed this guide to help IT professionals better understand and maximize Microsoft security update release information, processes, communications, and tools.

ePolicy Orchestrator 4.0 EOL

As of September 30th 2011 the support for ePolicy Orchestrator version 4.0 will be stopped. ePO 4.0 will no longer be tested with new releases of related products or utilities. As of this date, technical support will no longer be provided for ePO 4.0.

Customers who are still running ePO 4.0 as of 9/30/2011 will be required to migrate to a currently supported version of the product (ePO 4.5 or the following release) immediately.

For more information on End of Life and End of Support for McAfee Products, see: