SMS Trace program (also used with SCCM 2007)

Hi Guys,

I’m installing and playing with all the features of SCCM now and at work we are also busy with implementing SCCM 2007 for OS Deployment and thanks to a Microsoft engineer I’m now using the SMS Trace program for viewing the logs.

Here’s a quick how to download and install this great tool.

Go to download the .exe.

Run SMS2003Toolkit2.exe and it will expand a few folders and create SMS2003Toolkit2.msi.

1. Run SMS2003Toolkit2.msi.
2. On the SMS 2003 Toolkit 2 page click Next.
3. On the License agreement page select I accept the license agreement and click Next.
4. On the Selected Components page:
Common Tools = Run locally (default) The common tools are all you really need.
Server Tools = Do not install
Advanced Client Tools = Do not install
Legacy Client Tools = Do not install
5. Leave the Installation folder: at the default C:Program FilesSMS 2003 Toolkit 2 and click Next.
6. On the Setup Complete page click Finish.
Now that it’s installed, time to use it.

1. SMS Trace from Start, All Programs, SMS 2003 Toolkit 2, and then SMS Trace.

2. On the SMS Trace dialog box click Yes.

3. On the SMS Trace menu select File, Open and navigate to C:WINDOWSCluster and click on C:WINDOWSClusterCluster.log and then click Open.

4. Scroll through the log, it’s really not too bad. Scroll to the bottom, fail a resource and watch what happens in the logs. Notice the color of warning and errors.

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