Citrix CCEE certification track

Citrix has released an update for the CCEE vertification track. Here’s their statement about the update and the requirements to keep certified.

For the thousands of you who possess or are working toward the elite Citrix Certified Enterprise Engineer certification, you may be wondering how the recently announced updated track affects you. Well, you’re in luck – we are here to give you exactly those answers and guide you on the right path to ensure you stay up-to-date with your hard-earned CCEE designation.

If you have a legacy CCEA or CCIA for XenApp (Presentation Server 4) and want to update to the CCEE, you need to know that your certification will expire on July 31, 2012. The good news is that you are eligible to use the shortened update path to update your certification by that date. That gives you five months to prepare for and take just one exam to stay current. By doing this, you will not only have a current CCEE for a period of three years, but you’ll also be eligible to earn the latest Citrix Certified Integration Architect (CCIA) for Virtualization – the highest level of Citrix certification – by passing just one additional exam.

If you are working towards getting your first CCEE, then you have options! Choose to fulfill the requirements of the original track or work towards the newer track. If you are nearly there, it may make more sense to finish the original track…you decide based on your specific progress. However, if you choose to fulfill the original track ensure you do so before it is discontinued on July 31, 2012.

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