PVS console error when standard mode vDisk is prepared for KMS activation

When changing a virtual disk (vDisk) in private mode to KMS activation and then changing the mode to standard image mode OR changing the activation procedure to KMS for a vDisk in standard image mode, the following error message appears, which can be seen in the console.log (when in debug level) or in the console popup: “Failed to map vDisk, no Driver”


This happens only when the SOAPServer.exe or Citrix SOAP Service is running with NT AUTHORITYNetwork Service account. The console passes a request to prepare the vDisk for KMS, which requires the SOAP service to update the vDisk file system and registry entries. This update needs the vDisk to be mounted. The Network Service account does not have SE_MANAGE_VOLUME_NAME privilege which causes an “access is denied” error when it tries to mount the vDisk.


  • Use a domain user account which can be added as a local administrator to the Provisioning Server and then run the Provisioning Server Configuration wizard to reconfigure the access of the user on the Database.

Or –

  • Assign user the right for managing the Network Service account to “Perform volume maintenance tasks” by completing the following procedure:
  • Open local security policy using gpedit.msc.
  • Browse to Windows Settings > Security Settings > Local Polies > User Rights Assignment > Perform volume maintenance tasks, as displayed in the following screen shot:

  • Double-click on “Perform volume maintenance tasks” and add NETWORK SERVICE

Note: For this resolution, there can be security concerns since network service account is used in other services other than SOAP Service.

More Information

Refer to the following url for assigning specific user rights: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/bb530716%28v=vs.85%29.aspx

You can read the original article here.

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