qfarm /load command doesnt ‘give any output

Problem Definition

A customer reported that there was no output when using the qfarm /load command on a Presentation Server 4.5 farm with Hotfix Rollup pack 7. However, the customer received an output when using the other commands such as qfarm /online.


  • Presentation Server 4.5 with Hotfix Rollup Pack 7
  • Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2 64-bit
  • SQL 2005 Database Server

Troubleshooting Methodology

This command can be used from any server in the farm, so the Technical Support Engineers requested the customer to run this command from a server hosting published applications as well as the Zone Data Collector.

On both servers the qfarm /load command gave no results even after waiting for 5 minutes. However, the users in the farm did not report any problems about using the published applications or Desktops.

The qfarm /load command was not able to receiving any answer and was timing out.


The engineers identified that the database server hosting the DataStore was running with high CPU utilization for another database hosted on this server.


After the CPU utilization was back to normal the customer was able to get the output for the qfarm /load command.


  • Keep the Zone Data Collector and Desktop Delivery Controller free from running any published applications or Desktops. The server with the Data Collector requires high CPU to process all the information and requests from all the Presentation Servers in the zone or farm. Therefore, it is not recommended to run any published application or Desktop on the server.
  • It is good practice, to not use the database server hosting the DataStore for other databases. If you need to host any other databases on this SQL server, then ensure that the server can handle the load and is equipped with enough memory, disk space, and processing power to host all databases without resource issues.

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