Logon Optimization Guide – XenApp/XenDesktop

Citrix has released today an optimization guide for user logon for XenApp and XenDesktop.

The logon process for users accessing virtual desktops as delivered through Citrix XenDesktop or virtual applications as delivered through Citrix XenApp involves a variety of communication checkpoints and component interaction. Depending on the user environment and access location there can be an array of Citrix, Microsoft and possibly third-party components involved in the logon process. In order to optimize user productivity and enhance the overall virtual application and desktop experience, Citrix Consulting developed this white paper specifically focused on the logon process, common cause for logon delays and optimizations for improving the amount of time required to execute the logon process.

For an administrator to assess the logon process within their respective environment, the administrator must ensure that they have a detailed understanding of the logon process. This paper outlines the logon process for XenApp and XenDesktop, with a particular focus on identifying those key areas that commonly slow down the logon process. Each step of the logon process and each piece of component communication is outline in detail. With a solid understanding of the logon process, the reader is then introduced to the common causes of logon delays. This section provides a high-level aggregate of the logon delays that Citrix Consultants have encountered on customer engagements.

You can download the complete guide here or view the original post here.

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