Review Microsoft Application Virtualization Advanced Guide

A couple of weeks ago I posted a little contest to win this book (Microsoft Application Virtualization Advanced Guide). In the meanwhile I’ve been reading this ebook and I must say I’m impressed by the content.

This is an in-depth book on the use and features of Microsoft App-V technology. This book is a must read for packagers using App-V and for those who want to play with it or have a deep interest in this matter.

I’m a huge fan of clearing things up with the help of pictures (a picture can say a thousand words) but I must admit that the author has found a way to use the pictures to clarify and not to clutter the book with them.


App-V isn’t the my area of expertise but I understand what the author is telling me and in such a matter that I don’t feel stupid or that I’m an infant. It guides you through the steps with real life tips but does work from a mindset that you know already something about the product.

In my opinion the money is worth spending on this book.

You can buy the ebook now from here.

Or if you want to you can see the chapter overview here.

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