Managing and Operating a Microsoft Private Cloud—How to Apply the Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF)

Microsoft has released a new beta of the Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF) for managing and operation a MS private cloud.

The Microsoft Operations Framework team is pleased to announce that theManaging and Operating a Microsoft Private Cloud—How to Apply the Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF) guide is now available for beta download.

Join the beta now:

This guide leads you through the process of how to manage and operate a Microsoft private cloud using the service management processes of the Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF). The guide applies MOF’s IT service management principles to that conceptual architecture and technology stack. It describes how to maximize the potential of MOF’s people, process, and technical capabilities to manage and operate a Microsoft private cloud.

Follow this guidance for a private cloud that is better aligned to meet your business needs. Employ MOF’s service management functions (SMFs) to help align IT and business goals, which can enable you to perform private cloud activities effectively and cost-efficiently.

This guide focuses on the SMFs in the Operate Phase and the Manage Layer of MOF to give members of the IT service management community, IT architects, IT managers and IT pros, what they need to know about managing and operating a private cloud. Management reviews—internal controls that ensure goals are met to achieve business value—are also included.

Tell us what you think! Download and review the beta guide and then send your feedback to by June 11, 2012. We would especially appreciate feedback in the following areas:

Usefulness – Is the technical depth of this guide sufficient for the topics covered? Will this guide be useful to you on a day-to-day basis? What portions of the guide are the most useful to your organization?

Usability – Is the structure or flow of this guide effective? Is the information presented in a clear and logical manner? Can you easily find key content?

Impact – Do you anticipate that this guide will save you time and accelerate deployment of Microsoft products in your organization? Has this guide had a positive influence on your opinion of the Microsoft technologies it addresses?

Join the MOF Beta Program

Subscribe to the MOF beta program and we will notify you when new beta guides become available for your review and feedback. These are open beta downloads. If you are not already a member of the MOF Beta Program and would like to join, follow these steps:

  1. Go here to join the MOF beta program:
  2. If the link does not work for you, copy and paste it into the web browser address bar.
  3. Sign in using a valid Windows Live® ID.
  4. Enter your registration information.
  5. Continue to the MOF program beta page, scroll down to Microsoft Operations Framework, and click the link to join the MOF beta program.

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