Citrix Quick Launch

Frederic Serrière has written a cool (but UNSUPPORTED tool).

Have you ever heard or used Citrix Quick Launch ? If not, download it from our Knowledge Center and test it

It is very important to note that Citrix Quick Launch isn’t supported by Citrix Technical Support, so you use it at your own risk. Nevertheless, a lot of administrators enjoy the tool as a quick way to connect using ICA/HDX to their XenApp environment.

It is also important to understand that Citrix Quick Launch isn’t a replacement for the Citrix ICA client, Online Plug-in or Receiver. It can’t work without it (while it is compatible with all version released in the past 5 years). Also, it was never developed nor published with end users in mind : it is not a supported product and therefore is only intended for test environments and administrators!

So, now you have downloaded it and failed to run it.. Why?  this version is (shame on me, i know..) written in a very old Visual Basic and has dependencies over TABCTL32.OCX which isn’t provided by Microsoft in the recent Windows versions. Since it isn’t a Citrix file, you have to look for it on the web, don’t worry there are many sites where you can get it.

So now you have downloaded it, found TABCTL32.OCX, registered it and you can run the tool. I therefore suggest you to take some time to play with it before reading further :-)

Why am I writing this now when the tool has been available for several years and hasn’t been updated since September 2011 ? Because I want to provide an insight of the future release and I need YOUR feedback to know if it is worthwhile to spend my free personal time on it…

No, I will not include a beta version but just 3 screenshots and I will just wait for your feedback…

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