How to Resize Personal vDisk

This article describes how to resize the Personal vDisk (PvD).


XenDesktop 5.6


The following points should be kept in mind while resizing the PvD:

  • A PowerShell script is included in this release that allows you to resize existing personal vDisks in a catalog. The script iterates through the machines in the catalog, changing the size where possible. Resizing takes effect the next time the machines are turned on.
  • You cannot resize Windows XP machines hosted on VMware ESX using the script.
  • Do not use the script to manage existing environments in other ways. Use Desktop Studio or Provisioning Services for other management operations.
  • Before following this procedure, determine the current size of the personal vDisks and choose a new size. In addition, the following PowerShell snapins must be installed on the computer running the script:

the following procedure to resize the PvD:

  1. Put the machines in the catalog into maintenance mode.
  2. Locate the script resize-personal-vdiskpool.ps1 in the SupportToolsScripts folder of the full or upgrade image.
  3. At a command prompt, run the script and select the catalog whose personal vDisks you want to resize. If a script error occurs, dismiss it by running Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned.

    Note: If you do not have full administrator rights in Desktop Studio and you are using a 64-bit system, run the script from a 32-bit PowerShell administrator command prompt.

  4. Accept the defaults for the storage location and, if displayed, the decision on thin provisioning.
  5. The script displays these properties, which you should not change.
  6. Enter the new size for the personal vDisks. The minimum is 3 gigabytes (GB). Additional space may be required for user applications and data.
  7. When prompted, confirm the selections you made.
  8. Enter the administrator’s user name and password.
  9. Wherever possible, the personal vDisks in the catalog are resized and the machines they are attached to is restarted. When disk preparation is complete, the machines shut down. This process might take several minutes to complete.

    Note: The script lists the machines whose vDisks cannot be resized. Check the power state of these machines, and rerun the script to complete the resizing operation on the entire catalog.

You can read the original KB article here.

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