How to change the SID of a machine in a dedicated catalog

This article describes how to change the Security ID (SID) of a machine in a Dedicated Catalog. Note: A dedicated machine might fail to register with the DDC after removing and rejoining it to a domain because of the change in the SID of the machine.


Capturing the Current Configuration of the Broken Machine

  • Identify the Universally Unique Identifier (UUID) of the broken machines from the Host Console, as displayed in the following screen shot:

  • Load a PowerShell window as a full administrator. Note: This same administratordeployed XenDesktop previously.
  • Run the following command to initialize the PowerShell environment. Add-PSSnapin Citrix.*
  • Gather the Catalog configuration of the machine using the get-broker machine command:
Get-brokermachine –HostingMachineId ‘7429b1f9-dcb9-7b5a-7a68-b789efa46f66’
  • Copy the results to a Text file for review
Following is the sample of the broken.txt file:
AssignedClientName :
AssignedIPAddress :
AssociatedUserFullNames : { }
AssociatedUserNames : { }
AssociatedUserUPNs : { }
CatalogKind : ThinCloned
CatalogName : Dedicated
CatalogUid : 3
DNSName :
DesktopUid : 16
HostedMachineId : 7429b1f9-dcb9-7b5a-7a68-b789efa46f66
HostedMachineName : Dedicated01
HypervisorConnectionName : XenServer1
HypervisorConnectionUid : 6
IsAssigned : False
LastHostingUpdateTime : 5/25/2012 10:26:31 AM
PowerActionPending : False
PowerState : Off
RegistrationState : Unregistered
Uid : 65
WillShutdownAfterUse : F

Removing Machine from the Environment

  • From Console, power off the machine and place the broken machine into maintenance mode.
  • Remove Broken machine from desktop group.
  • Remove Broken machine from catalog.
  • From the PowerShell console, use the following syntax to add the previously broken machine to the catalog using the machines current SID as the machine name:
New-BrokerMachine -MachineName <String> -CatalogUid Int32 -HostedMachineId <String> -HypervisorConnectionUid <Int32>
New-BrokerMachine -MachineName ‘MYDOMDedicated01’ -CatalogUid 3 -HostedMachineId ‘7429b1f9-dcb9-7b5a-7a68-b789efa46f66’ -HypervisorConnectionUid 6
You can read the original (and entire) article here on the Citrix KB website.

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