Provisioning Services Error: Management Interface: vDisk properties were lost

Creating a vDisk from the target device fails before completion with the following error message: “Management Interface: vDisk properties were lost.”


Multiple server farms with incorrect vDisk settings for Load Balancing. In this example, the error was produced in a simple 2-server Provisioning Server farm configured with local storage as displayed:


There is no solution at this moment for creating a vDisk in this way. A workaround is available by creating the vDisk on the Provisioning Server host itself. This error is created because of the fact that the 2-local stores are not synchronized and Load Balancing assumes that the stores it connects to are synchronized. With two unsynchronized local stores, it is not possible to create the vDisk from the target device.

More Information

CTX129993 – Provisioning Services 6.0 Administrator’s Guide

CTX129994 – Provisioning Services 6.0 Installation and Configuration Guide

CTX121090 – Planning and implementing a Provisioning Server high availability (HA) solution

You can read the entire KB article here on the Citrix support website.

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