Hotfix for Citrix Provisioning Services 6.0 and 6.1

Citrix has released a new hotfix for it’s Provisioning Services version 6.0 and 6.1.

Issue(s) Resolved in this Hotfix

This hotfix addresses the following issue reported against Citrix Provisioning Services 6.0 and 6.1 Releases:

BG-284511 – slow shutdown of the target devices with multiple partitions on Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 or Windows Server 2008 R2 machines.

Replaces: Hotfix CPVS60E010 – For Citrix Provisioning Services 6.0 CTX132244

Installing and Uninstalling this Hotfix


• The user must have administrative rights to the Provisioning Services server and target device.

• This hotfix only applies to targets running windows 7, Windows Server 2008 or windows server 2008 R2.

To install this hotfix:

1. Download the hotfix package from the Hotfixes and Service Packs page of the Citrix Web site at

2. Copy the hotfix package to an empty folder on the hard drive of the server you want to install the hotfix from and unzip the file.

Steps to install the hotfix:


The hotfix folder includes the following two subfolders:

target32bit (32bit Windows installation)

target64bit (64bit Windows installation)

Please check your Provisioning Services target device for system type and select the correct subfolder to apply the hotfix following the procedure described below.

The hotfix installation follows the “Manually Updating a vDisk Image” procedure as described in “Citrix® Provisioning Services™ 6.0 Administrator’s Guide”. A new version of the vdisk will be created.

Installation Steps:

1. From Provisioning Services Console, make sure no version of the virtual disk (vDisk) to be updated is currently in “Maintenance” access mode.

2. Right-click on the vDisk in the device collection or vDisk pool, then select “Versions…” from the context menu. The “vDisk Versions” dialog appears.

3. Click “New”. A new vdisk version entry displays in the dialog with “Access” mode set to “Maintenance” and the update “Type” method set to “Manual”.

4. Select one target device as Maintenance device. Assign this Maintenance device to boot from the vdisk with access “Type” set to “Maintenance”.

(Note: Active devices booting to the vdisk are not affected by the hotfix deployment because they are streamed from the Production version of the vdisk.)

5. Boot the Maintenance device to the Maintenance vdisk version; Launch Windows Explorer and browse to “WindowsSystem32Drivers” directory of the Maintenance vDisk version, backup the following file:


6. Copy the following file from the selected sub-folder included in this Hotfix to “WindowsSystem32Drivers” directory of the Maintenance vDisk version:


7. Copy the following file from the selected sub-folder to the Provisioning Services install directory (default is C:Program filesCitrixProvisioning Services) of the Maintenance vDisk version:


(where “x” is 32bit or 64bit depending on the system)

8. Close Windows Explorer.

9. (Optional) You may install or remove applications, add patches, and complete any other necessary updates into the Maintenance vDisk version.

10. Shutdown the Maintenance device.

11. (Optional) You may test the updated Maintenance vDisk version by booting a Test or Maintenance device, as described in the “Manually Updating a vDisk Image” procedure, Citrix Provisioning Services 6.0 Administrator’s Guide.

12. From Provisioning Services Console’s “Vdisk Versions” dialog, right-click on the Maintenance vDisk version, then select the “Promote…” menu option from the context menu that appears.

13. Select to promote this Maintenance vDisk version into Production. Set the availability of this version in production to be either immediate or scheduled. Click “OK” to promote this version and end maintenance.

14. The targets need to be rebooted for the hotfix to take effect.

To uninstall the hotfix requires rebooting of the targets, as described in the following steps:

15. From Provisioning Services Console’s “vDisk Versions” dialog, highlight the Production version and click on “Revert”. Click “OK” to set version access to “Maintenance” mode; A Maintenance version is created.

16. Click “OK” to shutdown the targets that are streamed from the vdisk version to be demoted.

17. Delete the Maintenance vdisk version. Warning!!! Besides the hotfix, all other updates made into the vdisk version in Step 9 are also lost.

Download the hotfix and read more about the fix here.

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