Citrix Simple license server

Citrix has released version 1 of the simple License server.

You can download the Simple License server here (with a valid My Citrix ID).

About the Citrix Simple License Service

The Citrix Simple License Service enables you to allocate and install license files on a license server using a web page interface. This allows products using the Windows based license server to seamlessly allocate, download, and add licenses to their environment directly from the License Server instead of having to visit the My Citrix portal.
Install the Simple License Service on a license server and connect to it locally with the Start menu shortcut or remotely with the Simple License Service URL.


  • Install the Simple License Service on the license server on which you want to install licenses. To install licenses on another license server, install the Simple License Service on that license server or use My Citrix at
  • License Server 11.6.1 (build 10007) to 11.10 for Windows only (License Server VPX is not supported)
  • License Access Code supplied in email from Citrix
  • Supported Browsers:
    • Internet Explorer Version 6.0 through 9.0
    • Mozilla Firefox Version 4.0 through 12.0
    • Chrome Version 12.0 through 15.0
    • Safari Version 5.1


  • The Simple License Service allocates and downloads all the licenses available for a specific product. If you want to allocate and download only some of the licenses for a product, use My Citrix.
  • Once you click Allocate and Download, you cannot cancel it. If the Allocate and Download fails, use My Citrix.
  • The Simple License Service does not support redownloading or reallocating of license files. For those features, use My Citrix.
  • If you rename the license server, you must reallocate any license files allocated under the old license server name and reinstall the Simple License Service. You cannot use the Simple License Service to reallocate license files. For more information about reallocating files, see Reallocating License Files in Citrix eDocs – Licensing Your Product.
  • If the Simple License Service is installed and you upgrade your license server, you must repair the Simple License Service before using it again.

Known Issues:

  • When you start the Simple License Service from the Start menu shortcut, the Chrome browser might become unresponsive. Workaround: Type the Simple License Service URL directly into the Chrome browser. [#0314254]
  • This release of the Simple License Service displays in English only. [#0310912]
  • If the License Administration Console is disabled in your XenDesktop installation, only administrators can use the Simple License Service. To allow users access to the Simple License Service, enable the License Administration Console with Desktop Studio or the Set-LicLACEnabledState PowerShell cmdlet, and then configure the users. [#0311191]
  • If you configure the Simple License Service with a port that Firefox or Chrome blocks, you must add an exception to the browser settings. Note that if you start the Simple License Service from the Start menu shortcut and you have the exception set, Chrome ignores it. [#0313924]
  • The firewall rule is not removed if you uninstall the Simple License Service after uninstalling the License Server 11.6.1. Workaround: Uninstall the Simple License Service before uninstalling the License Server 11.6.1. [#0305195]
  • When doing a silent installation of the Simple License Service on a 32-bit or 64-bit Windows 2003 or Windows 2008 server with a nonadministrator account, the installation fails and an event log error might not be produced. [#0305202]

Read more about it here at the eDocs.

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