Citrix AppDNA released new version 6.1

Citrix has released today a new version (6.1)¬†of it’s AppDNA software.

You can download the software at the Citrix download center (with a valid My Citrix ID) and documentation for this product can be found here.

AppDNA 6.0 Basic User Guide CTX132512
AppDNA 6.0 Effort Calculator Guide CTX132513
AppDNA 6.0 Setup and Optimization Best Practice Guide CTX132519
AppDNA 6.0 Installation Guide CTX132515
AppDNA 6.0 Administration Guide CTX132510
AppDNA 6.0 Web Application Capture User Guide CTX132520
AppDNA 6.0 Integration Guide CTX132516
AppDNA 6.0 Release Notes CTX132521
AppDNA 6.0 Production Manager Configuration Guide CTX132517
AppDNA 6.0 Advanced Feature Guide CTX132511
AppDNA 6.0 Self Provisioning User Guide CTX132518
AppDNA 6.0 Forward Path Planning Guide CTX132514

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