Citrix Feature Pack 1 for XenApp 6.5/XenDesktop 5.6 is available now

It’s has been a while since Citrix has released the news that Feature Pack 01 would be available late June. Well here it is.

You can download the Feature Pack 01 at these locations at the downloads section (with a valid My Citrix ID):



More information about the Feature Pack 01 is to come later today.

7 thoughts on “Citrix Feature Pack 1 for XenApp 6.5/XenDesktop 5.6 is available now”

  1. Hi Jack

    The HR1 vs FP1 thing has confused me a bit. The link you’ve kindly published seems to be the only FP1 related thing I’ve seen in a long time from Citrix, and it seems as if HR1 is the bulk of FP1. The Universal Print Server, GPO Updates, and new receivers all seem to be ‘bolt-ons’ which when combined make up the bigger picture – ie FP1…

    What’s your take on it?

  2. PS…I’m sure I read there was better support for Lync, but I can’t figure out if that’s meant to be part of the Hotfix rollup.

  3. Hi Doug,

    I believe it’s has to do something with the different products being affected and that’s why it’s submitted as seperate downloads. But that’s my thought on the matter.


  4. I”m receiving an error while trying to install the rollup on one of our Xenapp servers. It gets to the part where it is registering modules and then it rolls back everything and prompts with installation ended prematurely because of an error.

    In the event viewer I see error 1603 with no additional info. Is anyone else seeing this?

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