Hotfix for XenApp 6.5 AppCenter

New Fixes in This Release

  1. When publishing a streamed application, if the .profile name differs from the parent folder name, the AppCenter incorrectly reports:

    “The above file name is not a valid Citrix streaming application profile.”

    [From DSCXAMx650W002][#LA0505]

  2. This fix improves the reliability of the AppCenter when custom administrators with permissions to “View Published Application and Content” navigate to Applications and then click Current Settings.

    [From DSCXAMx650W002][#LA1313]

  3. When multiple administrators make changes from different consoles at the same time, they might not be able to view each other’s changes unless discovery is run.

    [From DSCXAMx650W002][#LA1455]

  4. The AppCenter becomes unresponsive when trying to rename a published application while the Current Settings tab is active.

    [From DSCXAMx650W002][#LA1665]

  5. The AppCenter reports the product version to be Citrix Presentation Server 6.5.6682 and no hotfixes are displayed. The issue occurs when there is a server (listed alphabetically) in the farm that is configured for session-host only mode.

    [From DSCXAMx650W002][#LA1785]

Fixes from Replaced Hotfixes

  1. The Client ID in the Connected users view is always displayed as 0 (zero).

    [From DSCXAMx650W001][#LA0281]

Installing and Uninstalling this Release


  • This release is packaged as a .zip file containing the replacement XenAppMx.msi file. For more information about deploying msi files, see Microsoft article 884016 or visit the Microsoft Web siteand search on keyword msiexec.
  • To install this hotfix successfully, servers must not have registry modification restrictions in place.
  • This hotfix might or might not prompt you to restart the server when the installation or uninstallation is complete. You must restart the server for the installation to complete.
  • If the need arises to restore the original settings and functionality provided by this hotfix, you must uninstall the hotfix before reinstalling it according to the installation instructions below.

To install this hotfix:

  1. Copy the file to a shared folder on the network.
  2. Extract the compressed file and save the XenAppMx.msi file on the computer you want to update.
  3. Run the .msi file.
  4. Restart the computer.

To uninstall this hotfix:

  1. From the Start menu, select Settings > Control Panel.
  2. In Control Panel, double-click Add/Remove Programs.
  3. Highlight the hotfix you want to uninstall and click Remove.
  4. Follow the directions on-screen.

You can download this hotfix here at the Citrix knowledgebase.

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