StoreFront version 1.2 available

With the release of CloudGateway version 2 Citrix has also released a new version of the StoreFront product.

Here’s what’s new with this release of StoreFront 1.2:

  1. Enhanced Desktop Support:
    • Desktops now show up on a separate tab in Receiver for Web (RfW) to discern desktops from applications better. Moreover, desktop icon now have a visual indicator that shows if there is an active desktop session running or not.
    • Users can can now start/restart desktop through RfW which was not possible in the previous versions of the StoreFront.
    • Auto-launch is now supported for single published desktops via RfW if there is a single desktop assigned to the user.
  2. Simplified Account Provisioning: Account services is a feature introduced in this release of StoreFront that makes it easier for users to create an account and connect to the CloudGateway infrastructure. Users with the most recent Mobile, Windows or Mac receivers can now provision their accounts simply by entering their e-mail address, no need to remember the AG/StoreFront server address any more! This feature requires the setup of SRV records on the DNS server. Please refer to the SF 1.2 documentation for more details.
  3. Plug-in Updates: Users can now automatically get plugin updates through public cloud! Admins can choose to leverage for plug-in updates or rely on Merchandising server or 3rd party SCM tools. Both Windows Receiver 3.3 and Mac 11.6 supports this feature. selected based on the configuration option We have also added a plug-in called HDX RealTime Media Engine.
  4. SmartAccess Support: With this release of StoreFront, we are now in functional parity with Web Interface in terms of SmartAccess support. This means that StoreFront will now honor the session policies that dictate which resources/applications the users will have access to. The SmartAccess support is only available for Receiver for Web in this release.
  5. Fallback to HTML5 Client: StoreFront will fallback to the html5 client if a native client isn’t available locally and can’t be installed for some reason. In this release the the html5 hdx engine will need to be installed separately on the StoreFront server but in future, we expect to make this available out-of-the-box.
  6. Simplified Admin Interface: The configuration for First Time Use is much easier even though we have added more functionality in this release! For example, the authentication dialogue doesn’t appear on the first time use (we make implicit choices for you). The remote access configuration and the data integration (ShareFile) is also much simpler now.
  7. SQL Server 2012 Support: In addition to 2008 Express and Enterprise editions, we now support 2012 Express edition.

You can download this version here at the Citrix download page. (This download requires a valid MyCitrix ID)

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