Hotfix for Citrix XenApp 6.0 (Windows Server 2008 R2)

New Fixes in This Release

  1. When launching an application that is streamed to server and no ICA session exists, the IMA Service creates an extraneous two RAD*.tmp temporary files (for a total of three) at C:ProgramData. One of the files is passed to RadeRun and subsequently deleted by RadeRun. The other two files remain and accumulate over time. Only the one requisite file is created when launching a streamed to server application into an existing ICA session.[From XA600R01W2K8R2X64047][#LA0991]
  2. XenApp servers behind read-only domain controllers (RODCs) might experience slow application launch issues while winlogon.exe spikes CPU usage.[From XA600R01W2K8R2X64047][#LA1617]
  3. Clearing the “Allow connections made through Access Gateway Advanced Edition” option in the “Application Properties” of an application can prevent the Log Off or Disconnect buttons of that application from working. As a result, users cannot disconnect or close the application from the Web Interface.[From XA600R01W2K8R2X64047][#LA1670]
  4. Attempts to reconnect to a disconnected seamless session with LongCommandLine parameters can spawn an additional instance of the published application to be launched.[From XA600R01W2K8R2X64047][#LA1950]

Fixes from Replaced Hotfixes

  1. Attempts to reconnect to a disconnected session can result in a new session when launching a different application after reconnecting.To enable this fix, you must set the following registry key:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlCitrix Name: ReconnectWithNewApplication Type: Reg_DWORD Data: 1

    [From XA600R01W2K8R2X64005][#LA0219]

  2. When attempting to launch an additional instance of a published desktop configured to be limited to a single instance per user, the following, incorrect error message appears:”Connection Error: The Citrix server has reached its concurrent application limit for this application. Please contact your system administrator.”

    After installing this fix, the following, correct message appears in such scenarios:

    “Connection Error: You already have an instance of this application open and are not allowed to run more than one instance. Please contact your system administrator.”

    [From XA600R01W2K8R2X64005][#LA0675]

  3. On systems with Fix #LA0129 installed, attempts to shadow a reconnected session from the Delivery Services Console fail with “Error 7044: The request was denied.”[From XA600R01W2K8R2X64005][#LA0726]
  4. Thin clients fail to reconnect to their disconnected sessions running on XenApp 6 and XenApp 6.5 servers if they use the client name as a means of finding the disconnected session.[From XA600R01W2K8R2X64005][#LA0874]
  5. Pass-through authentication with Kerberos fails for some applications using Unconstrained Delegation. For more information about implementing Kerberos Authentication in a Citrix XenApp Environment, see Knowledge Center article CTX121918.[From XA600R01W2K8R2X64013][#258392]
  6. Viewing a seamless instance of IrfanView in full-screen mode prevents users’ ability to log off the session.[From XA600R01W2K8R2X64013][#LA0947]
  7. An error occurs when attempting to move an application that is streamed to server to the (published) Applicationsfolder of the console.[From XA600R01W2K8R2X64014][#LA1214]
  8. After a user’s logoff, the IMA Service might exit intermittently.[From XA600R01W2K8R2X64022][#LA0956]
  9. Attempts to reconnect to a locked disconnected session can fail with one or more of the following conditions:
    • A black screen appears in place of the session
    • Error message: “Element not found”
    • Error message: “This network connection does not exist”

    [From XA600R01W2K8R2X64030][#252769]

  10. Seamless sessions can fail to close when applications that are streamed to server are launched and Citrix Receiver is installed on the server.[From XA600R01W2K8R2X64030][#LA0735]
  11. In multiple monitor environments, applications might launch outside the visible area of the desktop when seamless flag 0x20000 is set as follows:HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlCitrixwfshellTWI Name:SeamlessFlags Type: REG_DWORD Data: 0x20000

    [From XA600R01W2K8R2X64030][#LA0976]

  12. If the farm policy settings for “Connection Access Controls” are set to allow access for Citrix Access Gateway, Citrix online plug-in, and Web Interface connections only, users connecting through the Web Interface might not be able to launch applications. Attempts to launch applications might fail with a WSXICA 9 error in the server Event log.[From XA600R01W2K8R2X64030][#LA1074]
  13. When closing an application that is streamed to server and that has a session limit applied (per user or per farm), the session count is not reduced until the radelauncher.exe and radeobj.exe processes exit.[From XA600R01W2K8R2X64030][#LA1130]
  14. Sessions can randomly disconnect during session launch.[From XA600R01W2K8R2X64030][#LA1137]
  15. In certain scenarios, COM ports fail to get redirected.[From XA600R01W2K8R2X64030][#LA1191]
  16. The Group Policy engine (CitrixCseEngine.exe) can cause the server CPU to spike unexpectedly while performing Group Policy checks upon session reconnection. This fix introduces support for the following registry key that, when set, allows you to suppress Group Policy checking when reconnecting to existing sessions:HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWARECitrixLogon Name: NoGPCheckForExistingSession Type: REG_DWORD Data: 1 (do not check); all other values, including 0 (do check)

    [From XA600R01W2K8R2X64033][#LA0798]

  17. Policy updates are not applied when reconnecting to sessions running on servers with Fix #252769 installed.[From XA600R01W2K8R2X64033][#LA1720]
  18. New XenApp policies and changes to existing XenApp policies are not saved if policies are being created or modified from multiple consoles by different administrators at the same time.With this fix, the latter console produces an error message when trying to save new or modified policies. To enable this fix in its entirety, you must also install a Delivery Services Console or a Group Policy Management Console hotfix that contains Fix #256226.

    [From XA600R01W2K8R2X64043][#256226]

Installing and Uninstalling This Release


  • This hotfix is packaged with Microsoft Windows Installer 3.0 as a .msp file. For more information about deploying .msp files, see Microsoft article 884016 or visit the Microsoft Web siteand search on keyword msiexec.
  • This installer program complies with Microsoft User Account Control (UAC). If UAC is enabled, you must run the installer program in elevated mode; that is, with administrative privileges enabled. For more information about UAC, see Microsoft TechNet or visit the Microsoft Web siteand search on keyword UAC.
  • To install this hotfix successfully, servers must not have registry modification restrictions in place.
  • Slipstreaming – installations of the XenApp Server baseproduct packaged with one or more individual hotfixes – is not supported and might leave servers in an unstable state.
  • You must restart the server after the installation of this hotfix completes. However, if you are installing multiple hotfixes at the same time, there is no need to restart the server after the installation of each hotfix. It is sufficient to restart the server after the installation of the final hotfix completes.
  • If the need arises to restore the original settings and functionality provided by this hotfix, you must uninstall the hotfix before reinstalling it according to the installation instructions below.

To install this hotfix:

  1. Copy the hotfix package to an empty folder on the hard drive of the server you want to update.
  2. Close all applications.
  3. Run the executable.
  4. Restart the server.
  5. If you are using the Delivery Services Console, restart the server to ensure the hotfix is added to the console’s hotfix inventory list.

To uninstall this hotfix:

  1. From the Start menu, select Control Panel > Programs and Features.
  2. Highlight the hotfix you want to uninstall and click Uninstall.
  3. Follow the directions on-screen.
  4. If you are using the Delivery Services Console, restart the server to ensure the hotfix is removed from the console’s hotfix inventory list.

To download and read more information about this hotfix view the article on the Citrix knowledgebase here.

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