1Y0-A20 exam prep material

For my 1Y0-A20 XenApp 6.5 administration exam I’ve used a lot of knowledge base articles and other resources besides the self paced online course (courtesy of my employer).

This is a great document which shows all ports used by all Citrix products. Not only useful for an exam but also for troubleshooting purposes.

Go through the free XenApp 6.5 overview training from Citrix Education and read theĀ 1Y0-A20 Preparation Guide from Citrix.

Here are the most useful kb articles and other free online resources I used to prepare for this exam.

1. Printing

Managing printer drivers

Printing and mobile workers

How to replicate printer drivers

2. Policies

Unfiltered policies

3. Tools

DSCheck command line options

How to use Print detective tool

Print detective tool download

PNP util printer driver utility

How to use stress printers tool

Stress printers tool download

4. HDX

HDX mediastream flash redirection server side

Enable server side content fetching in HDX mediastream for flash

Configuring HDX mediastream flash redirection

5. Profile management

Cross platform profile management FAQ

6. Application streaming / profiles and launching

Reduce application launch time

Session pre-launch field guide

Decide which plugin to use for application streaming

Offline access

Update applications

Create application profile and target

Managing streamed apps

7. Access gateway / Web interface

How to Configure XenApp Services with Secure Gateway for use with Citrix Receiver for iPhone and iPad

Error when launching applications through Access Gateway or Web Interface

Bypass failed server settings

Password settings prompt authententication

Configure two factor authentication

Enable socket pooling

8. Worker groups

Advanced farm administration

9. Session sharing

Troubleshooting and explaning session sharing

Session lingering

10. Content redirection

Server to client redirection

11. Workspace control

Configure workspace control settings

12. Logon restrictions / reboot

Enable or deny logons to servers

13. Database options

Determine database location

14. Load evaluators

Assigning load evaluators

Working with load evaluators

15. Monitoring

Performance monitoring using health monitor

How to create a Health Monitoring and Recovery policy for XenApp version 6.0 and later

16. Speedscreen / image compression

Image acceleration using lossy compression

Optimizing mouse and keyboard responsiveness

17. Licensing

Working with licenses

How to upgrade license server to version 11.10

18. Planning server functions

Planning for data collectors

Before configuring XenApp

Configure zones and backup controllers

Planning datastores


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