Security guidelines for virtual desktops

This white paper provides an overview of the technologies and procedures that are available to help secure a Citrix based virtual desktop environment. Furthermore, recommendations for low and high security environments are provided. While many areas are covered, this document is not intended to be a comprehensive planning and configuration guide, or as a training guide. Furthermore, it is recommended that all changes are fully tested within a dedicated test environment before being implemented into production.

This white paper is split into the following sections:

  • Endpoint Security: Focuses on endpoint devices used to access a Citrix environment.
  • Access Security: Focuses on techniques for securing the Web Interface / Storefront network communications.
  • Authentication Security: Available authentication techniques are described in detail within this section.
  • Session Security: Focuses on techniques for securing the virtual desktop network communications.
  • Virtual Desktop Security: Outlines how virtual desktops can be secured.
  • Infrastructure Security: Techniques for securing the network communications between infrastructure components as well as security related monitoring and networking is described. In addition important items about organizational security are outlined.

Read and download the PDF here at the Citrix knowledgebase.

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