Citrix CDFControl tool updated

Citrix has updated their great tool CDFControl to version  With this great tool you can troubleshoot many Citrix products (and problems).

New in this version:

  • Enhancement to always scroll to most recent item added to the events view
  • Fixed bug where imported server list file (.sl) would sometimes have truncated server names
  • Enhanced automatic error detection with new checks for recent issues
  • Added event filtering, for post parsing analysis
  • Fix to suppress any console window popups that occurred when using the “-noprompt” command-line option
  • Fixed bug where remote trace file and process file would not get copied locally, when run from the command-line
  • Fixed bug where remote trace file settings would not get set via command line
  • Fixed bug with the log file mode setting for remote tracing.
  • Fixed bug with the trace flags setting for remote tracing.
  • Real-time trace viewing is enabled by default.
  • Dynamic TMF download is enabled by default.
  • Starting with this version of CDFControl, you will be prompted to update when a newer version becomes available (helping to ensure you are using the newest build)
  • Added context menu item for selecting all modules (right click modules area)
  • Added a “-noprompt” command line option, which allows the command line to execute without prompting the user. NOTE – this has the caveat of not displaying any info to the user.
  • A running process list log file is now created whenever a trace file (.etl) is created. This also works with remote tracing (collects running process list from remote machine). This allows process identifiers (PIDs) to be matched up with actual process names from the target system.


CDFControl can be downloaded here.

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