Hotfix XD510DStudioWX64002 (Version 5.1.2) for Citrix Desktop Studio 5.1

Citrix has released  a new hotfix for Desktop Studio 5.1 ( XenDesktop version 5).

These are the issues fixed in this hotfix:

  1. Attempting to add target devices to a streamed machine catalog in Desktop Studio with a non-standard Provisioning Services (PVS) Soap Server port might fail.Note: This fix addresses the issue only for new catalogs you create in Desktop Studio; any existing catalogs need to be deleted and recreated for the fix to take effect.

    [From XD510DStudioWX86002][#LA1365]

  2. This feature enhancement eliminates a limitation that prevents Desktop Studio from displaying more than 250 catalogs and desktop groups.[From XD510DStudioWX86002][#LA1610]

Known Installation/Uninstallation Issues

If you select “Close the applications and attempt to restart them” on the Files in Use page of the installation wizard of this hotfix, a message might appear, stating the following: “Setup was unable to automatically close all requested applications. Please ensure that the applications holding files in use are closed before continuing with the installation.” If this happens, you can safely ignore the message and click OK to continue with the installation.

To install this hotfix:

  1. Copy the file to a shared folder on the network.
  2. Extract the compressed file and save the DesktopStudio_x86.msi file on the computer you want to update.
  3. Run the .msi file.
  4. Restart the computer.

This fix is available in 32 bits and 64 bits at the Citrix Knowledge Base.

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