Communication ports used by VDI-in-a-Box 5.1

Citrix has created an overview of the communication ports used for their VDI-in-a-Box software.

The following table lists a brief description of each component and what network ports and protocols are used:

Listening Component Type Port Details
vdiMgr – All Hypervisors
vdiMgr TCP 443 SSL/HTTPS
Web Console TCP 80 and 443 HTTP and HTTPS
Syslog UDP Default: 514 Syslog server and port configured through Advanced Properties menu
Audit Log UDP 10514 VDI-in-a-Box Audit Logs
SSH TCP 22 Secure remote server management / shell access
JGroups TCP 10990, 10991, and 10992 Grid state communication
Java RMI TCP 1099, 1100, and 1101 Grid agent communication and state operations
License Server TCP 27000 and 7279 Built-in Citrix License Server for the VDI-in-a-Box grid
Rsync TCP 873 Transfers license and update files to vdiMgrs in a grid when uploaded by the administrator
vdiMgr – Microsoft Hyper-V
HVConnector TCP 9875 Communication from vdiMgr to HVConnector
Golden Image Transfers TCP and UDP 139 and 445 (TCP)

137 and 138 (UDP)

Golden Image transfers with HVConnector
vdiMgr – XenServer and vSphere
Golden Image Transfers TCP 80 and 443 Used by XenServer and vSphere for communication with vdiMgrs and golden image transfers
Windows Virtual Desktops
vdiAgent and vdiAgentMonitor TCP 9876 DTAgent communication from vdiMgrs to virtual desktops
HDX Connector TCP 8080 Communication from vdiMgr to HDX Connector
HDX Connections TCP 1494 and 2598 Citrix ICA and Session Reliability
RDP Connections TCP 3389 Remote Desktop Protocol
DTAgent Installation TCP 139 File and Printing Services must be enabled for initial installation of ViaB 5.1.x DTAgent, but is no longer needed once the installation has completed
NetScaler Access Gateway
vdiMgr and Access Gateway TCP 80 and 443 HTTP and HTTPS communication required between the AGEE virtual server and the vdiMgr appliances
Windows Virtual Desktops TCP 1494 and 2598 Citrix HDX ports that are used to connect users through the AGEE
Web Interface TCP 80 and 443 WAN users must be able to communicate with the NetScaler AGEE through HTTPS. Optionally, if an administrator enables HTTPS redirection, then port 80 must be opened for HTTP traffic
Client Devices (Citrix Receiver)
No Listening Ports Required N/A N/A No Listening Ports used by client devices, but access to the ViaB web interface, Java client, and Receiver uses TCP Ports 80 and 443. Connections to the Virtual Desktops on a LAN use TCP Ports 1494 or 2598, while connections to the Virtual Desktops through the NetScaler Access Gateway are encapsulated through TCP 443 (SSL/HTTPS)


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