Hotfixes GPMx170WX86001 and GPMx170WX64001 removed from distribution

Citrix has removed hotfixes GPMx170WX86001 and GPMx170WX64001 from their distribution because an incorrect package had been posted for download.

You need to upgrade to Hotfixes GPMx170WX86002 and GPMx170WX64002 asap as not all planned hotfixes made it in to the first hotfixes. If you have already installed Hotfixes GPMx170WX86001 and/or GPMx170WX64001, there is no need to uninstall those before installing the replacement hotfixes.

You can download the new hotfixes from these locations:

CTX135403 – LIMITED RELEASE – Hotfix GPMx170WX64002 – For Group Policy Management Console for Windows x64 – English

CTX135402 – LIMITED RELEASE – Hotfix GPMx170WX86002- For Group Policy Management Console for Windows x86 – English

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