Beta hotfix rollup pack 2 for XenApp 6.0

Citrix has released the beta Hotfix Rollup Pack 2 for XenApp 6.0 for Windows 2008 R2. This HRP should NOT be installed on a production server at any time while uninstalling and upgrading from this prerelease is not supported. Citrix recommends that you rebuild your server before installing the final release and/or before upgrading to the next version of XenApp. This prerelease will not be supported once the official version is released.

Important: While this prerelease version has reached an acceptable level of quality and stability, it is still undergoing testing. Do not apply this prerelease to any live production servers or any servers connected to the production database. The contents of this prerelease are preliminary – Citrix reserves the right to omit fixes contained herein and to include additional fixes in the official, final release.

You can download the beta HRP02 here at the Citrix knowledge base website.

You can provide feedback, ask questions, and report problems by sending an email to during the testing of the beta. If you contact Citrix please include any supporting files, such as MSI logs, memory dumps, or screen captures, that may assist us in troubleshooting any issues you may encounter. It is always recommended you test new software in a near copy of your production environment. This way you (and Citrix in a way) will have the best chance to check whether the new HRP is working as it should in your environment.

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