Not able to create file or folder on root of USB device

Today I was faced with the following issue.

In my XenApp 6.5 environment I wanted to create a folder in the root of my USB drive I connected to my client. The drive was redirected properly and without any issues. Problem however was that I was unable to create a new folder of file in the Windows Explorer view. I right clicked in the root of my USB drive but no option to create a new folder or file. Strangely enough I could copy paste a file or folder to the root of the drive. So no write protection set in place.

Here’s how my explorer looked like.

And this is what I saw when I right clicked:

Again creating a folder on a different location and copying that to the root worked. This is also the case for files. When in a subfolder on the USB drive I can create files and folders as much as I want. Just not under the root.

After shouting this out on twitter Kees Baggerman (@kbaggerman) replied shortly after as did @MartijnHS. They checked in their environment and saw the same thing. Together we found out that this is “by design” from Microsoft? Why, I haven’t got a clue, but here’s their take on it.


What is possible is taking a little detour and going to the network part in the Windows Explorer and going to TSClient. Find your USB device and you can create a file or folder in the root.

Here are some screenshots for proof.

While this is working when you hit the “\tclientdrive”¬†option in the address bar you won’t go far. At least not in my testlab with XA 6.0 and XA 6.5 with and without HRP01.

So the question remains is if and when Microsoft will fix this properly and get rid of the “for security” reason they blocked this…. It’s a pain in the #$!* if you ask me.

Maybe if the entire community is going to ask Microsoft to fix this they will (hopefully). Until then it’s either copy/paste your file/folder in the root or use the workaround mentioned above.

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