Support for XenApp in virtualized environments

Citrix supports XenApp running on guest instances on the following hypervisors: Citrix XenServer, Microsoft’s Hyper -V, VMware ESX under the terms listed in the Terms of Support section below.

For the purposes of this post, the term virtual server means a guest instance of a Windows Server operating system running on a hypervisor.

Terms of Support

  • Citrix will support XenApp running on virtual server environments and will address XenApp specific bugs. For bugs that require fixes from a third-party server virtualization vendor, we will work with the vendor to help them resolve the customer’s problem.
  • For non-configuration issues with Citrix XenApp software, issues that affect a specific vendor’s virtualization or hardware technology may require the engagement of that vendor and potentially a hotfix or code change for the specific virtualization or hardware platform.
  • Citrix monitors regularly industry practices and establishes it’s support policies to equal or exceed the norm in the industry.

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