PVS and the forgotten antivirus exclusions

My fellow Citrite Dimitrios Samorgiannidis has written an excellent post on what the correct anti-virus exclusions are for a PVS environment. Here’s the first paragraph of his blog on the Citrix blogs.

It should be noted that there are some different file names for various OS, and that some files doesn’t exist for some versions. I have tried to document everything as good as possible based upon some notes that I have taken over the years – however I still recommend that you review the recommendation below so they actually match your system. It should also be noted that some of the exclusions depends for example on the setup used, default paths, operating systems in combination with product version etc.

A few recommended Server Side file exclusions.

C:WindowsSystem32driversCVhdBusP6.sys => (PVS 6.1)

C:WindowsSystem32driversCVhdBus2.sys => (PVS 5.6)

C:WindowsSystem32driversCFsDep2.sys => (PVS 5.6 and PVS 6.1)

C:Program FilesCitrixProvisioning ServicesBNTFTP.EXE => (PVS 5.6 and PVS 6.1)

C:ProgramDataCitrixProvisioning ServicesTftpbootARDBP32.BIN => (PVS 5.6 and PVS 6.1)

D:Store => ( i.e. local vdisk store)

Read the entire list of exclusions here.


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