New version of XenDesktop Site checker tool

Citrix has released an update on the cool tool XenDesktop site checker.

The XenDesktop site checker uses the XenDesktop Powershell SDK to enumerate XenDesktop 5 site brokers, services, hosts, assignments, catalogs, and provisioning tasks and schemes. It checks whether or not services are running and service instances are registered, and provides the ability to enable logging for each service. It also provides advanced management tasks that aren’t available in Desktop Studio, and provides detailed information about each component that it checks, and logs any script that is executed by the tool.

New Features in this release

  • Added Catalog and Desktop Group enumeration
  • Added a regex search box to quickly find matching nodes in the treeview
  • Click to expand/collapse treenodes, left/right keys to navigate
  • Added right-click power actions for machines
  • Added sessions node under Assignments with right-click disconnect/logoff
  • Added power actions node to show running and completed broker-initiated power actions
  • Fixed service logging and control
  • Tweaked the TreeView to build child nodes when expanding parent nodes (much faster to load), clicking certain nodes will also refresh the child nodes (such as Sessions, and Desktop Groups)

This is a great troubleshooting tool and you’d be foolish not to use it in case of problems. Get your copy here.

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