Hotfix XS60E021 for XenServer 6.0

Besides Hotfix 13 for XenServer 6.0.2 Citrix has released hotfix 21 for XenServer 6.0.

This hotfix resolves the following issues:

  1. Constant transmission of low data rate Ethernet traffic through the netback interface can saturate a control domain (dom0) CPU.
  2. Attempts to attach a Storage Repository (SR) that contains a large number of Virtual Disk Images (VDIs), to a pool member, can fail.
  3. Creating a NIC bond in a Linux bridge environment, using a NIC that has VLANs configured on it, can result in loss of network connectivity.
  4. Restarting XAPI in a pool consisting of a large number of VDIs can cause pool members to indefinitely enter maintenance mode.
  5. After performing VM lifecycle operations in a resource pool consisting of a large number of VMs, Virtual Network Computing (VNC) connections will be unavailable through XenCenter.
  6. Performance data collection from pool members can cause XAPI session leaks, which eventually may exceed the maximum allowed number of open sessions. If this occurs, the pool master’s xensource.log file will display the following message: Number of disposable sessions in database (416/416) exceeds limit (400): will delete the oldest.

In addition, this hotfix also includes fixes released in CTX131400 – Hotfix XS60E002 – For XenServer 6.0, CTX132738 – Hotfix XS60E008 – For XenServer 6.0, and CTX133165 – Hotfix XS60E013 – For XenServer 6.0.


You can download this hotfix here.

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