Citrix Diagnostics Toolkit

The Citrix Diagnostic Toolkit is a collection of applications and utilities used for troubleshooting commonly reported problems. C.D.T. includes execution scripts created specifically to automate tasks that a support engineer would have a customer perform to generate data files used to determine root cause of a problem report.

A key benefit is reducing the diagnostic time by expediting delivery of diagnostic data to Citrix Support for analysis.

What is included?

A selection of specific tools commonly used for capturing diagnostic data.

Citrix Tools Redistributable Tools
CDF Control (installed by default) Wire Shark (use options menu)
Citrix Dump Checker (installed by default) Dump Configurator (installed by default)
Medevac (installed by default) 7-Zip (installed by default)
Citrix System Dump Utility (installed by default) Procdump (use download menu)
Multipoint trace scripts (installed by default) Process Explorer (use download menu)
IMA Helper Tool (installed by default) Process Monitor (use download menu)
Citrix Quick Launch 3 (installed by default) Debug View (use download menu)

You can read more on how to install and download the 32-bit and 64-bit version here:

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