Hotfix XS602E018 for XenServer 6.0.2

xenserver6Citrix has released a new hotfix for XenServer 6.0.2.

What’s fixed:

  1. This hotfix provides improvements to the way in which XenServer logs are captured during a host crash.
  2. The clock running inside the control domain (dom0) can randomly move forward by 50 minutes due to a bug in the Xen hypervisor. When this happens, Virtual Machines (VM) which follow the dom0 wallclock settings may be affected and display the incorrect time.

In addition, this hotfix includes the following previously released hotfixes.


You can download and read the installation instructions here.

McAfee Agent 4.6 Patch 3 released

McAfee Agent 4.6 Patch 3 is now fully available through ePO Software Manager, McAfee service portal, and McAfee Downloads site.

To download McAfee Agent 4.6 Patch 3, go to the McAfee downloads site at:

For a full list of changes, see the Release Notes in PD24187:

Citrix releases @Work apps for IOS

Citrix has released 2 @work applications for Apple IOS on January 18th 2013. These 2 applications (@WorkMail and @WorkWeb) are a part of the larger Me@Work application suite that was announced at Synergy Barcelona.

@WorkMail targets the following goals:

Build a beautiful and delightful user experience – On mobile devices, users have high expectations of user experience. Enterprise users are the same mainstream customers who have soaked up consumer app user experiences – they expect the same polish and delight in enterprise apps (whether they articulate this or not is a different matter). We have taken this expectation quite seriously and worked hard in creating an integrated design for Mail, Calendar and Contacts.

Work well with Microsoft Exchange and ActiveSync – Exchange is the big boy of enterprise messaging and is the definitely the thought leader. Exchange pretty much dominates the enterprise email and with their Office 365 offering they might dominate the SMB segment as well. We have ensured that Exchange and ActiveSync push messaging protocol works well with our app. Continue reading “Citrix releases @Work apps for IOS”

Applications launched using Citrix HTML5 Receiver on IE10 disconnects quickly

After installing and configuring the new Citrix Receiver for HTML5 v1.1, applications launched on Internet Explorer 10 disconnects with the following error message after remaining idle for about 30 seconds.

“Cannot reach server. Check your network connection or contact your help desk for assistance.”


  • Within the local corporate network, on your XenApp 6.5 server, download and install CTX135757 without uninstalling XenApp 6.5 Feature Pack 1 available on in the Downloads section.
  • Restart the XenApp 6.5 server after installing the preceding hotfix. If you are connecting via Citrix Access Gateway, make sure that the access gateway is updated to the latest version 71.6014 or later.

Read the original KB article here.

Personal vDisk 5.6.10

Citrix has released Personal vDisk version 5.6.10.

The following issues have been fixed in this release:

  • In some cases, upgrading personal vDisk from 5.6.0 to 5.6.5 or 5.6.7 may fail because some registry keys on the virtual desktop cannot be deleted. [#0353652]
  • Configuration changes made by Internet Information Services (IIS) are not persisted after restarts. [#0353639]
  • In some scenarios, if an application installed by a user on a personal vDisk registers a Managed Object Format (MOF) file, the image update process fails due to MOF registration issue 0x2000002F. [0353655]
  • An administrator who creates a master image with a personal vDisk catalog cannot log on to one of the virtual desktops created from the image, and a temporary profile is created. [0353656]
  • Users are unable to access mount points and junctions on a virtual desktop. [0353920]
  • AppSense Environment Manager 8.3 is not compatible with personal vDisk. [0353936]
  • Downgrading from Version 5.6.5 or later to Version 5.6.0 might damage the personal vDisk volume and prevent it from attaching. From then on, regardless of the version of personal vDisk that is used, the error message “Cannot load Personal vDisk – Status Code 7, Error Code 0x20000006” is displayed.

Download the new version here (requires a MyCitrixID).

Read more information on this version on the eDocs here.

Hotfix XS61E009 & XS61E010 for XenServer 6.1.0

Citrix has released 2 hotfixes for XenServer 6.1. These 2 fixes need to be applied together. You can’t install 1 of the 2 fixes. These are seperate downloads and need to be installed in this order:

  1. XS61E009
  2. XS61E010

Hotfix XS61E009

This is a hotfix for customers running XenServer 6.1.0. This is the first part of a two component fix, customers should install CTX136253 after installing this hotfix. Continue reading “Hotfix XS61E009 & XS61E010 for XenServer 6.1.0”

Free tool to take guesswork out of desktop virtualization

Remote Desktop Implementation ToolCitrix announced that the Citrix Project Accelerator beta, a new tool for implementing virtual desktops, is now available.

The idea was simply to make our customers and partners wildly successful with their desktop virtualization deployments – and to help people who are considering desktop virtualization make the right up-front assessment and design decisions.

  • If you’re new to Citrix or desktop virtualization – Project Accelerator is a fantastic way to build a business case, size your hardware needs, choose the first user groups to virtualize and make the right investment decisions.
  • If you’re a self-deploying customer – we’ll lead you through the entire process.
  • If you’re working with a Citrix consultant or partner – Project Accelerator will help keep everyone on the same page and accelerate your progress.

These are the use cases we had in mind when developing Accelerator. If you’re one of them, you’ll get a lot of value from it.

To Get Started within Project Accelerator, all you need to do is answer a few questions about your users, your apps and your goals and Accelerator gets to work.

With the current release of Project Accelerator you get a great design tool and deployment roadmap – with all the best-practices of our top consultants built in.  And, in the coming months, we will be adding step-by-step project plans with decision support built in and collaboration tools that will let you coordinate with your team and others who “have been there”. Project Accelerator is a living, breathing project management space and we’ll be adding to it all the time.

Read more and go to the tool here.

Hotfix XA600R01W2K8R2X64066 for Citrix XenApp 6.0

Citrix has released a new hotfix for XenApp 6.0 for Windows 2008 R2. This fix contains the following fixes.

New Fixes in This Release

  1. When updating a file located on a drive mapped outside of the session, the modified size of the file is not updated while using the GetFileSize () function in the session.

    [From XA600R01W2K8R2X64066]<cat_session_connection>[#LA2067]

  2. Servers can experience a fatal exception on picadm.sys with bugcheck code 0x20.

    [From XA600R01W2K8R2X64066]<cat_system_exceptions>[#LA2118]

  3. Servers might experience a fatal exception, displaying a blue screen, on picadm.sys with stop code 0x7E. Continue reading “Hotfix XA600R01W2K8R2X64066 for Citrix XenApp 6.0”

Lifecycle Milestones for Citrix Receiver

As with all Citrix products the Receiver versions have an end f life date. Each major version (e.g., v3.0) of a Citrix Receiver for Windows, Mac, Linux, Java, or WinCE, there is a minimum lifecycle of four years.

Component Name Version GA Date* EOM Date* EOL Date*
Receiver for Windows 3.x 24-Aug-11 24-Aug-14 24-Aug-15
Online plug-in for Windows 12.x 24-Mar-10 24-Mar-13 24-Mar-14
Desktop Lock 13.x 24-Aug-11 24-Aug-14 24-Aug-15
Receiver Updater for Windows 3.x 24-Aug-11 24-Aug-14 24-Aug-15
Receiver (Updater) for Windows 2.x 26-Aug-10 26-Aug-13 26-Aug-14
Receiver (Updater) for Windows 1.x 30-May-09 30-May-12 30-May-13
Self Service plug-in 2.x 20-Dec-10 20-Dec-13 20-Dec-14
Dazzle 1.x 23-Nov-09 23-Nov-12 23-Nov-13


For the other Operating Systems and up to date information (these dates are subject to change in the future) check this webpage.