Lifecycle Milestones for Citrix Receiver

As with all Citrix products the Receiver versions have an end f life date. Each major version (e.g., v3.0) of a Citrix Receiver for Windows, Mac, Linux, Java, or WinCE, there is a minimum lifecycle of four years.

Component Name Version GA Date* EOM Date* EOL Date*
Receiver for Windows 3.x 24-Aug-11 24-Aug-14 24-Aug-15
Online plug-in for Windows 12.x 24-Mar-10 24-Mar-13 24-Mar-14
Desktop Lock 13.x 24-Aug-11 24-Aug-14 24-Aug-15
Receiver Updater for Windows 3.x 24-Aug-11 24-Aug-14 24-Aug-15
Receiver (Updater) for Windows 2.x 26-Aug-10 26-Aug-13 26-Aug-14
Receiver (Updater) for Windows 1.x 30-May-09 30-May-12 30-May-13
Self Service plug-in 2.x 20-Dec-10 20-Dec-13 20-Dec-14
Dazzle 1.x 23-Nov-09 23-Nov-12 23-Nov-13


For the other Operating Systems and up to date information (these dates are subject to change in the future) check this webpage.

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