Differences between WI and StoreFront

In the newly released StoreFront Planning Guide (which you can find here) comes this great overview of differences between Web Interface and StoreFront.

Where StoreFront will go beyond Web Interface in the future

Feature Storefront   Web   Interface
XenDesktop   Deployment Scenarios
Cross farm aggregation and   de-duplication Next   version XA farm   migration Only
Configuration   through Citrix AppStudio Next   version No
IPV6   support Next   version No
Windows   Server 2012 support Next   version No
HTML 5 access on more devices Next   version
Authentication   Services
Smartcard support from most Receivers   (LAN and AG) Next   version Windows PNA on LAN Only
Unified EPA/Smart Access across   Receivers Next   version No
SDK for partner extensions (most   Receivers) Next   version Ad-hoc integrations, Web Only

Where StoreFront matches Web Interface

Feature Storefront   Web   Interface
Desktop   Experience
Desktop   restart Yes   (Receiver for Web) Yes
Desktop   auto launch Yes   (Receiver for Web) Yes
Desktop   Groups Yes Yes
Authentication   & Access
Domain Pass-through and Explicit Logon Yes Yes
AG   Pass-through Yes Yes
Expired   Password Change Yes Yes
SmartAccess for Receiver for Web Yes Yes
Deployment   Scenarios
Receiver Install & Update from   Receiver for Web Yes Yes
Scalability Yes Yes
Single   Site Resiliency Yes Yes
Customization   (branding) Yes   (Receiver for Web) Yes
Custom   Language Translations Yes Yes


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