Citrix XenDesktop 5.6 controller hotfix update 3

xendesktopCitrix has released hotfix update 3 for XenDesktop 5.6 Controller (32 and 64 bit). These hotfixes address several issues with the XenDesktop 5.6 Controller. In order to address all issues in their entirety, you must install all hotfixes included in this download package. Installing just a partial set of these hotfixes will fail to address the issues and might lead to system instabilities.

Fixed issues:

Server/Site Administration

  1. Desktop groups cannot be created or deleted if their names exceed 63 characters in length or contain underscores (“_”).

    [From XD560BrokerSvcWX64003]<cat_server_farm_administration>[#LA0978]

  2. With VMware vSphere 5, when deleting a dedicated virtual machine (VM) from Desktop Studio, the delta disk of the dedicated VM might be left behind.

    [From XD560BrokerSvcWX64003, XD560HostSvcWX64003, XD560MCSvcWX64003, XD560MISvcWX64003]<cat_desktop_server>[#LA1116]

  3. Note: This is a feature enhancement that requires you to install both a Broker Service and a Broker Service PowerShell Snap-in hotfix that contains Fix #LA1371.

    By design, existing catalogs provide only partial power management for assigned desktops. As a result, assigned desktops do not power back on during configured peak hours if they were shut down by the Broker at logoff/disconnect. This feature enhancement introduces a new desktop group setting, “AutomaticPowerOnForAssignedDuringPeak” that lets you force assigned desktops to power back on when logged off or disconnected during peak hours. With the “AutomaticPowerOnForAssignedDuringPeak” setting set to “false” (default), XenDesktop behaves entirely as in earlier releases. To force assigned desktops to power back on during peak hours, use the following PowerShell command:

    “Set-BrokerDesktopGroup <DesktopGroup> -AutomaticPowerOnForAssignedDuringPeak $True”

    [From XD560BrokerSvcWX64003, XD560BrokerPSSIWX64003]<cat_server_farm_administration>[#LA1371]

  4. Enabling maintenance mode on an assigned desktop powers on all other desktops in the same desktop group.

    [From XD560BrokerSvcWX64003]<cat_server_farm_administration>[#LA1462]

  5. This fix addresses an issue that prevents the new preferred controller from getting data from the host connection when the preferred controller is changed.

    [From XD560ADIDSvcWX64003, XD560HostSvcWX64003]<cat_server_farm_administration>[#LA1837]

System Exceptions

  1. Existing difference disks might not be deleted, which can eventually result in storage overflow.

    [From XD560ADIDSvcWX64003, XD560ConfSvcWX64003, XD560HostSvcWX64003, XD560MCSvcWX64003, XD560MISvcWX64003]<cat_system_exceptions>[#LA0793]


  1. Users’ attempts to restart a dedicated Virtual Desktop Agent from the Web Interface fail if a session record for the agent exists in the Broker database but is missing user information.

    [From XD560BrokerSvcWX64003]<cat_miscellaneous>[#LA2849]


XenDesktop 5.6 Controller Hotfix Update 3 for 32 bit

XenDesktop 5.6 Controller Hotfix Update 3 for 64 bit


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