VDI-in-a-Box 5.2.1 – Hotfix 1

Citrix has released a hotfix for VDIin-a-Box (VIAB).

Enhancements in This Release

  1. Includes Personal vDisk 5.6.9. For further details, see http://support.citrix.com/article/CTX134846. There are no release notes for 5.6.9, but the issues fixed are the same as for 5.6.10 except for fix #359206, which is irrelevant to VDI-in-a-Box.
  2. Support for multiple Active Directory (AD) domains with two-way trust relationship for user authentication and AD global context (GC) lookup for AD Universal Principal Name (UPN). For further details, see http://support.citrix.com/article/CTX136845.

New Fixes in This Release

  1. If you use the scheduled refresh policy for desktops and have also enabled fast refresh, “on hold” desktops are not fast refreshed.

    [From HF_ VDI_inabox_5.2.1] [#367265]

  2. vdiprep and sysprep do not generate a unique CMID for successful activation with the KMS server even if the check box to reset the activation timer is selected.

    [From HF_ VDI_inabox_5.2.1] [#366696]

  3. HyperV: If you restart HyperV and spin up a desktop or click Edit on a published image, the VM stalls on “Starting”.

    [From HF_ VDI_inabox_5.2.1] [#362608]

  4. Proflie management user profiles that need to be written back on logoff are becoming corrupted.

    [From HF_ VDI_inabox_5.2.1] [#361648]

  5. After you install a license upgrade file on an internal license server, the license count and expiration details are not accurately reflected.

    [From HF_ VDI_inabox_5.2.1] [#361601]

  6. Windows 7 images do not show the personal and pooled Prepare option.

    [From HF_ VDI_inabox_5.2.1] [#359945]

  7. ESX 5.0 Update 1: Image distribution fails.

    [From HF_ VDI_inabox_5.2.1] [#359919]

  8. When you are about to repair a desktop, no confirmation message appears.

    [From HF_ VDI_inabox_5.2.1] [#359481]

  9. If a desktop name contains non-ASCII characters, users are unable to connect to their desktop through Access Gateway Enterprise Edition.

    [From HF_ VDI_inabox_5.2.1] [#356870]

  10. If you search for “On hold” desktops, “New” and “Starting” desktops are also included in the search results.

    [From HF_ VDI_inabox_5.2.1] [#355235]

  11. If you select to fast refresh desktops on logout, then after users log off desktops are successfully refreshed as expected, but you may see the misleading message “Logged off … because unassigned user logged on”.

    [From HF_ VDI_inabox_5.2.1] [#13.348646]

  12. Computer names for draft images and orphaned desktops are not deleted from Active Directory. Orphaned desktops are desktops that exist on the hypervisor but have been removed from the grid, usually because of a server or network failure..

    [From HF_ VDI_inabox_5.2.1] [#328530]

  13. Authorization fails if the user is a member of an Active Directory subgroup.

    [From HF_ VDI_inabox_5.2.1] [#307272]

  14. The administrator cannot disable the Citrix Receiver check on the user device when using the Java client or the Internet Explorer browser. This was fixed by adding an advanced property to allow the administrator to disable the Citrix Receiver check: from the Admin tab, click Advanced Properties, then clear Check if Citrix Receiver is installed on Client.

    [From HF_ VDI_inabox_5.2.1] [#369461, #360330]

  15. The user cannot use only the username (SAMAccountName) to log on if the UPN suffix is different from the user domain name.

    [From HF_ VDI_inabox_5.2.1] [#369378]

  16. ESXi: the reported total CPU speed is incorrect.

    [From HF_ VDI_inabox_5.2.1] [#370126]


You can download the hotfix here from the Citrix knowledgebase.

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