XenApp 6.5 servers reboot when not part of a reboot policy

XenApp 6.5 servers are rebooting and they are not attached to a reboot policy. Servers may reboot when a reboot policy is created, but there are no servers assigned to the policy. The following entry in the eventlogs are written.

When you run the GPO modeling wizard, you will notice that servers that are not part of a specific reboot policy are being affected by policies.

Procedure or Steps

The steps to complete the task:

This is happening because of the order of the policies. When reboot policies are created and servers are not assigned to the worker groups, they are being assigned a reboot policy from the top of the list.

This can be corrected by one of two options.

  1. Install HRP01
  2. Make all servers part of a policy that contains a reboot setting.

Read the original KB article here.

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