Hotfix XS61E018 for XenServer 6.1.0

Citrix has released a new hotfix for XenServer 6.1.0.

This is a hotfix for customers running XenServer 6.1.0.


  • For customers requiring the Cisco fnic driver, a driver disk compatible with this hotfix was issued in CTX137403 – Driver Disk for Cisco fnic v1.5.0.20 – For XenServer 6.1.0. Customers must apply the compatible driver before applying this hotfix.
  • Any other issued driver disk and the Driver Development Kit (DDK) for XenServer 6.1.0 must be updated to be compatible with this hotfix. See CTX137629 – Driver Disks for XenServer 6.1.0 with Hotfix XS61E018 for a list of the affected driver disks that must also be updated.
  • After applying the hotfix to all hosts in a pool, customers should update the required driver disks before rebooting the XenServer hosts.

Issues Resolved In This Hotfix

  1. SR-IOV network cards with more than 46 Virtual Functions (VFs) may fail to work.
  2. In some cases, it may become impossible for a Virtual Machine (VM) to send network traffic.
  3. Some Linux VMs may erroneously send network packets greater than or equal to 64KiB causing network traffic to cease.
  4. In some cases, interrupts may be lost resulting in networking and storage failures.
  5. In some cases, it may become impossible for a VM to read or write to its storage.
  6. Infrastructure issues in multipath environments may lead to inability for VMs to access storage.
  7. Timeouts can prevent the discovery of LUNs attached to fibre channel HBAs.
  8. Some utilities (for example xentop) display incorrect sector read/write count statistics.
  9. Enabled all the ebtables modules in the dom0 kernel.
  10. In some cases, VMs appear to take a very long time (30 minutes or more) to shut down or reboot.
  11. In some cases, GRO packets to VMs may cause the XenServer host to crash.
  12. In some cases, when using PCI pass-thru, the XenServer host may crash.

In addition this hotfix also includes CTX136483 – Hotfix XS61E014 – For XenServer 6.1.0.


You can download the hotfix and read more about how to install this hotfix here.

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